Thursday, December 12, 2013

Singing Competition Rising Star sold in UK & US, how about the Philippines?

UK's ITV is bringing Israel TV's Rising Star to the European market soon! But the biggest deal so far for this innovative program is its newly inked contract with America's ABC. Expect to have a new show to watch out for aside from Idol, X Factor & The Voice.

This new reality singing competition has already touched down in Scandinavia. Franchises have been sold to Italy and Hungary as well. For America's ABC, the show will initially have 10 episodes come Summer 2014.

What is the format?
Let's directly read it from the maker's official website as we quote...
RISING STAR is a trailblazing interactive talent format that hails a new era in home entertainment. Its launch marks the first real-time voting by viewers via an innovative free app that is fully integrated into the show.

Home viewers decide – by voting via the app – who advances, while the viewers’ pictures appear on the large screen facing the contestant. If the performer secures 70% of the viewers’ and the judges’ votes, the screen rises in the studio and the new star is revealed. From the very first minute of the very first episode, viewers will continue to play an integral role in every decision made on the show throughout the entire season.

RISING STAR’s record-breaking debut on Keshet Channel 2 – and the overwhelming response and participation from viewers – has set a new bar for the future of talent shows. Since its debut, over 1.5 million viewers have been exposed to the show each episode, capturing an incredible 49.4% share, making it the highest debut of a TV show during the September launch season in 15 years. Over 4.5 million votes have been tallied through the app, which has been downloaded more than 1.3 million times. RISING STAR has far outperformed all second screen data ever recorded in Israel, with a participation rate 10 times higher than previous shows, and a conversion rate (viewers to second screen participation) of over 30%.

Produced by Tedy Productions for Keshet Broadcasting

Or better yet watch a clip of this show...

It would be so nice to have our own franchise of this as The Voice of the Philippines proved to be entertaining. It gave us a closer feel of the great format that it is in the UK and the US.

But if ABS-CBN is full with Got Talent, X-Factor and The Voice franchises, how about GMA Network gets this one? They have the Studio 7 which is perfect for Rising Star's set.

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