Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daniel Matsunaga Returns to Leading Man Status as Kapamilya

His first time to star as the leading man of a soap opera was the pre-primetime series that paired Daniel Matsunaga with Heart Evangelista. He played as pilot while Heart portrayed the role of a flight attendant in Langit Sa Piling Mo. GMA Network missed out on the opportunity to build up a highly potential big star by not giving him acting projects after that. Now, it's ABS-CBN who will benefit from this potential.

After becoming popular from being a housemate, Kapamilya network tried out his potential in acting by adding him as an extended character in the defunct Two Wives.

It worked. And even to Matsunaga's lovelife, it did. Now that the DanRich tandem has an ample following, the network is giving them their own teleseries via Be My Lady-- a potential to beat Be Careful With My Heart.

Check out these photos for the storyline.

Is Daniel on his way to earn his spot as one of the major leading men in ABS-CBN? Or will his acting skills be 'insufficient' for what is called for?

We will see in Be My Lady.

Enrique Gil & Maja Salvador's Twerk It Like Miley Prod Goes Viral

ABS-CBN knows how to make things viral. Make a production number that has appeal to the viewers, make sure it has been trensing in the past days before the prod, and post it on Youtube and wonders come instantly. The recent: Twerk It Like Miley lipsync production number featuring Enrique Gil and Maja Salvador.

In less than a week, this video has gained almost three million views on Youtube. That's gigantic especially when you compare it to any viral video from GMA Network's Youtube page which may have required months or a year for it to reach millions of views.

Watch the viral video here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brazilian Model Arlen Gaspar on Going Shirtless in Manila Parks

GMA News TV's Balitanghali reported yesterday about Arlen Gaspar, a Brazilian model who did a social experiment in Manila Parks & public places like BGC High Street. His experiment: to try going shirtless in these public places during summer when it's actually really hot. Did it go hot for his experiment? Or were the guards cold with him?

Check out the report from Balitanghali.

Watch the whole social experiment documented by Arlen Gaspar himself.

If you think you've seen him somewhere, maybe you did. Check out one of his commercials.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sandro Marcos is the new Political Heartthrob

If showbiz has Daniel Padilla and UK music has One Direction, Philippine politics now has a Sandro Marcos. That's not an overstatement. In fact, try watching the video of Sen. BongBong Marcos' son delivering his dad's speech to PUP students, you're going to hear a scream of ladies when he said a Filipino line.

Trending its way to the top on Youtube is the speech of Sandro Marcos which he delivered yesterday in a PUP forum. This speech was basically his dad's but the senator was food poisoned the night before the event. In a report from 24 Oras, Sandro gave a few comments about political dynasty as well.

This boy or should we say 'man' has indeed the making of the next politician from the Marcos clan. Watch the full video of Sandro Marcos' speech below and tell us what you think.

For Pinoy Superhero TV Series, Try "Manhid"

2015 is a year of soap opera remakes. ABS-CBN started it by launching KathNiel to TV adolescence through the remake of Pangako Sa Yo. Just today, GMA Network has officially gathered the cast of the new remake of Marimar (Yes! A remake of a remake.) In 2016, this will not continue we predict. Instead, the rebirth of super dramatic storylines this year will only pave the way for the superheroes to make their way again to primetime television.

ABS-CBN is ready for that should 2016 be that year for the superpowered characters. They bought the rights of Mars Ravelo's major superhero characters Darna and Captain Barbell. Part of that purchase is Dyesebel which the network gave to Anne Curtis last year but didn't successfully go phenomenal simply because last year was not that year.

Again, we predict that 2016 will have a hunger for superheroes. With SuperGirl about to go phenomenal worldwide care of Hollywood, expect that the Philippines will ride the wave and we will be witnessing these flying characters yet again soon.

So our challenge to the major TV networks: try MANHID!

The Story
What price is our freedom? Ballet Philippines’ performance season ends with the cult dance rock musical MANHID, co-presented by Tanghalang Pilipino. Set in an alternate present day Philippines where theEDSA revolution failed, this musical features heroes and villains with superpowers, and a people sick withKamanhiran (Apathy). Celebrating a nation of heroes, MANHID promises to be a must- watch event for 2015.
Perhaps GMA Network should buy the rights for this one since it fits the standards of GMA News & Public Affairs' type of features. Plus the fact that they can't have Mars Ravelo's characters anymore in their shows.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Will To The Top tap into Viewers' Hearts?

GMA Network may be applying wisdom when they decided to postpone Starstruck to September and have a sudden project that can better compete with PBB737. With 'Kuya's' decision to bring in heartthrob-looking faces and have them live inside the house, GMA had to come up with something that would also cater to the hormones of the market. And TO THE TOP it is... a boyband search.

A multi-platform boyband search, To The Top has started exposing the contenders via its online videos. Soon also, the show will land on the silver screen possibly taking the supposed timeslot for Starstruck.

The contenders will go through a training camp while they're being covered on cam by GMA News & Public Affairs crew. Now that's a good news because this department is historically better than the network's Entertainment department.

So like PBB, viewers will also have the chance to watch their lives unfold in the journey of becoming a boyband.

Will this be enough to at least grab the attention of viewers over the cameras of PBB?

Are the looks of the contenders way more interesting than the PBB housemates?

For one, some of their guys come from high-profile backgrounds. Some came from Kundirana, a prominent high school band from La Salle Greenhills.

Check out for yourselves and tell us.

PBB737 Lineup of Housemates Perfect for Artista Search

Kuya is opening his house again tonight via PBB 737. But before tonight, ABS-CBN has strategically introduced some of their new housemates already through their shows It's Showtime, TV Patrol, and Aquino & Abunda. We say: what a buildup!

Early prediction: We feel like the next Gerald Anderson & Kim Chiu will come from this batch. The next TV & movie stars.

Why is it called PBB 737?
It's simply because Kuya will welcome two groups of people for the whole duration of the season. But he's not getting them in all at one single time. For tonight we've witnessed the teen housemates get inside the house.

7 - Because the teen housemates will stay in the house for the first seven weeks.
3 - Because after the first seven weeks, a new group of housemates composed of celebrities and adults will be welcomed and probably in a separate space while the teens are in another space.
7 - Because the last seven weeks (3 weeks after featuring the 2nd group) will combine them altogether.

Check out these photos of some of the housemates revealed in the past days.

So while people await the moments inside the house to be publicly accessible, here are our observations ahead of time:

*They all are after fame.
*They're all ready for the cameras.
*They all have 'image' well set out by the PBB team.
*Most of them are actually sporting good looks.

In conclusion, the housemates are perfect for an artista search. And this could be the possible reason why GMA Network's StarStruck VI was moved to September for airing.

So expect an artista search. Expect love teams. Expect dramatic moments. Expect a more candid drama from them. Expect the narcissists to come out as well. Expect the pa-'cutes' of course. Expect whatever you need to expect from an artista search.

Is this Kenzo Gutierrez's girlfriend?