Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What to Learn from Jed Madela's 'Monkey' Controversy

"Let us practice responsible journalism po sana." -Jed Madela

It's a sad fact that because of a single social media post, Jed Madela gets involved in a huge controversy.

The story: he posted on Facebook about a bunch of monkeys. Got misinterpreted coz people thought he was talking about people from ASAP. Then when he cleared out that he was talking about some personnels in Cagayan De Oro airport, some locals wanted to ban him in the city. Full story at PEP.ph

In his interview with PEP.ph, he said that writers should practice responsible journalism.

Case In Point
The challenge is not just to the writers to practice responsible journalism. There is also a challenge to every human being to practice responsible usage of social media. Aside from that, a challenge to tame the tongue so as to model modesty and respect.

To actually call people monkeys is not post-worthy in social media. This applies especially to singers like Madela with thousands of followers.

We Are For...
For this matter we would like to clarify that we are not against the very talented and the country's pride Jed Madela. Because with all due respect, it's not easy to handle people in the airport who would not treat you well while you're already stressed enough. And all you're thinking of is to get to your seat on the plane.

What we are for is this: responsible use of social media. To think before you click. Because there are better ways to use social media rather than just social ranting. And there are better people to air out grievance rather than the public on social media. There is such a thing as actual friends.

Madela is just human. Don't easily pass judgment on him. But we can easily pinpoint the lessons we can learn from this news.

Avoid calling people names. Even when they mistreat you, you'd rather be blamelesa for your own good character.

Think before you click. Especially when eyes are on you.

We'll end with this appeal: to the people im Cagayan De Oro, it is very clear that he did not mean the locals were the monkeys so do not hate him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Real Challenge of TV Masterpieces like Ilustrado

True, the network through GMA News & Public Affairs has indeed proven that primetime viewing can have a high standard and international quality, but they have yet to work hard on one thing-- making the excellent and brilliant work phenomenal.

All these to say that Ilustrado is a masterpiece but only a few of the millions of Filipino televiewers are appreciating this craft.

That's the real challenge of GMA Network now, making brilliant have the mass appeal. Making a great masterpiece be available for everyone to appreciate. That and the fact that they have to address the reality of a great wall that sets the network war.

So while they are working hard on elevating the quality of soap operas they are showing, they should also work on how to get viewers both Kapamilya and Kapuso look beyond network war and start having a lens of excellence. That they will start watching shows not just because of network loyalty but because they know good shows need viewership so that they will last long enough to provoke similar shows to be birthed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kathryn Bernardo is NOT kissing Daniel Padilla

Kathryn Bernardo has finally spoken up. She did not kiss Daniel Padilla in a recent out-of-the-country trip.

Bernardo has responded today after a report of a 'kissing scandal' at TV Patrol last night. She said that Padilla is only used to cuddling her cheeks because the latter finds it chubby cute.

That report may be detrimental to her membership in Iglesia Ni Cristo since it's a delicate issue to her religion.

Fans will have mixed reactions for sure though. Some will find it 'kilig' coz it's their wish to see KathNiel kiss. But some will find it premature.

Whatever the outcome, truth be told from Bernardo's lips-- they did not kiss.

Amazing Green Screen Transformation on Ilustrado

Primetime TV viewing has elevated. Delivering not just a fresh approach on soap operas via its historical take, GMA Network also brought viewers to a new level of imagination-- a nightly journey to some of Jose Rizal's adventures in his time.

To give you eyecandies, here are some photos of the green screen transformation that the Ilustrado team has brilliantly done.

Photo credits:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reshuffling GMA News Anchors on Primetime

Are we expecting a reshuffling of news anchors on GMA News primetime? Looks like it.

Medianewser.com released a recent report that sources are pointing to such. A Kapuso fan-based Facebook page also supports this scoop by stating that Vicky Morales will be assigned to 24 Oras to make the primetime newscast a trio.

To take the slot of Morales in late night newscast Saksi is Pia Arcangel. Replacing Arcangel is Connie Sison for GMA News TV's Balitanghali.

Implications of this rumored shakeup
*Promotion. This is such for both Pia Arcangel and Connie Sison.

*Strategy. This is a good strategy to boost the primetime ratings of GMA Network. It's like GMA News & Public Affairs department saying to GMA Drama, "If you can't do something to boost our ratings for primetime, we will!"

*Trustworthiness. People may have bitten the strategy of TV Patrol to make it a trio newscast making it more trustworthy in terms of face value.

*Better news format. With Vicky Morales getting added up to the newscast, there may be good improvements to the show.

If this thing pushes through, primetime will have another exciting part to wath out for: the battle between TV PATROL & 24 ORAS.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bet Ng Bayan can be a Good Bet

Last two Sunday night's episode of Bet Ng Bayan regional showdown was really good and had the potential of being a good bet to pull up the ratings of Sunday night viewing on GMA Network. Even last weekend's episode at Cagayan De Oro was very entertaining.

The first regional showdown episode sucked in all aspects (except the hosts).

Last Sunday night was better in these aspects:

*Camera angles were better. The panning from back to front. The angles showing the judges. It gave viewers a feel of the live show. Good job!

*Scenes were more stitched giving logical flow. Unlike the first regional showdown that you'd be surprised with sudden shift from judge's comment to a spiel by the host that the show will return.

The Nightly Updates
Seriously, viewers wanted a talent show. So on a daily basis, they want to watch the shows that took place in the provinces.

Show them the actual shows-- the performances and the judges' comments. Please!!!

X-Factor and Got Talent became popular because they had a balanced time for performances, judges' comments and back stories.

Showcase Alden Richards and Bettina Carlos as hosts. Showcase the pre-regional showdown because people want to watch talent showcase not novelish features.

The show is unique because it showcases the fiesta culture of the Philippines. GMA Network should up the game for this one and make sure that the next round (semi finals) would be able to topple the quality of Pilipinas Got Talent technically and whollistically.

We have high hopes for Bet Ng Bayan. If only it's at an earlier timeslot or the daily updates would feature performances and judges' comments. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hollywood Critics on Anne Curtis' Blood Ransom Performance

Critics both here and abroad have spoken about the performance of Anne Curtis in Blood Ransom. Read up.

Ms. Curtis, a Filipino-Australian actress making her American film debut, suffers nobly, with full lips and heavy eyelashes, parading in leather and occasionally acquiring fangs, a veiny complexion and flaring red eyes. She is not without charisma, but this is not her proper vehicle. It would be interesting to see her in a role of more down-to-earth dimensions.
-Andy Webster, nytimes.com

More than anything, the film plays like a vanity project for Filipino entertainer Anne Curtis, making her American movie debut...
-Martin Tsai, latimes.com

Inconsistency however is Curtis’ downfall here. When she attempts to portray the darker side of her character, she comes off as awkward and predictable. A lot of the movie’s action scenes are poorly executed, forcing the actors and actresses in them to make up with awful posturing.
-Oggs Cruzz, rappler.com

If nothing else, Anne Curtis delivers a fairly memorable performance. Her striking looks serve the role well, and her relatively subdued performance gives the character an alluring sense of fragility. She doesn't quite have the chops to sell the sharper edges of her character, but she's all right for the most part.
-Phil Dy, clickthecity.com

Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Expectations from Bayaniserye Ilustrado

Tonight, expect GMA Network to make history. And expect the fans of other networks to deny that. But expect Ilustrado to impress the viewing public in a way they never have been.

Those are three expectations from GMA Telebabad's bayaniserye Ilustrado.

1. GMA Network will make history.
With its initiative to make it a simultaneous world premiere in nations with GMA cable channel, Ilustrado is sure to make history.

For tackling major parts of our national hero's life, it's sure to make a huge wave internationally.

2. Most fans of rival networks will find loopholes.
Sure they will. What do you expect? Do we need to explain that?

3. Ilustrado will definitely impress the viewing public.
Well at least the thinking viewing public.

Expect that. After the success of Katipunan, Bayan Ko and Titser, expect this one to be a masterpiece after GMA News & Public Affairs department of the network has practiced with the first three docuseries.

Just why is The Outsider excited for this show? It's by GMA News & Public Affairs. They have been more consistent in delivering good shows. GMA Drama department should learn from them.