Thursday, May 21, 2015

Supergirl Trailer is like a Pilot Episode

Watch the upcoming CBS series which features DC Comics' character Supergirl. Take note, it looks like a pilot episode already.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bela Padilla Returns to ABS-CBN via Ang Probinsyano

You read it right. Bela Padilla is not anymore willing to wait for a much-deserved big break in GMA Network. She is back in ABS-CBN to soon be the leading lady of Coco Martin in a TV remake of Fernando Poe Jr.'s Ang Probinsyano.

Can't wait to know what the story is? Watch this.

After showcasing her acting talent through lead roles in various soap operas from GMA Afternoon Prime and impressing everyone through 10000 Hours, she is sure to make her name stick to more and more Filipinos. To be paired with one of the top leading men of the Kapamilya network should already be something Bela can be confident of. Add to that the list of veteran actors to co-star with them like Susan Roces and Albert Martinez.

Thanks to Dreamscape for the photos.

This is a big project from Dreamscape, the maker of hit soap operas like Nathaniel.

We have a major question though: why did the network assign to Coco a new leading lady? What happened to Julia Montes?

Whatever the answers are, we are sure of one thing, Bela Padilla deserves this break. Her choice to be with VIVA management was the best decision she made career-wise.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Melai Cantiveros, the Kapamilya Comedienne Who Must Stay

The inclusion of Melai Cantiveros in Your Face Sounds Familiar is a perfect d9ecision. Not only that her presence compensates for the lack of fun from other artists but she also is given a chance to showcase what she's got.

This woman can make us laugh. Like real laughter. Philippine television needs more of her. ABS-CBN needs her since they only have Angelica Panganiban in that genre.

We think that Melai has something more to offer. Her presence is just a delight on TV.

Look at her on tonight's episode. She nailed that Elizabeth Ramsey impersonation.

Melain Cantiveros is one whose name should stay for a long time in showbiz. We can imagine her following the footsteps of Michael V. from the Kapuso camp. 

We will say this: she has definitely something more to contribute to this industry. So calling all the think tank of Kapamilya camp, here's one to be utilized.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why Can't They Produce Movies for Judy Ann Santos?

Why can't Star Cinema or Regal Films produce great movies for Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo? She has always proven in every project she has that she can pull off with flying colors the roles given to her.

In the episode tonight of Maalaala Mo Kaya with hashtag #MMKMothersQuest, Judy Ann nailed it! Every scene was full of emotion. She is a real actress.

We bet our cards on this episode that this will be tonight's highest rater both in AGB Nielsen and Kantar. She deserves the win!

So why aren't we seeing movies with Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo as lead star? Because the market is focused on consuming romantic movies that would make them smile both in their teeth and in their hearts. Gone are the days of great movies that go beyond just romance. The days of Jose Rizal, Tanging Yaman, Bagong Buwan, Anak, Magkapatid and all others. Gone are their days.

But why can't movie producers bring that age back? Precious actors like Judy Ann become a waste because they're not given a material that would showcase their acting prowess. Indie film industry gives that but come on, Mrs. Santos-Agoncillo deserves a mainstream audience.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Rocco Nacino & Aljur Abrenica in Mabalasik

Aljur Abrenica and Rocco Nacino arr stars of the upcoming movie Mabalasik. A film that TV hasn't mentioned anything about ut yet. Will this be one that people will talk about or another film that seemed like it didn't exist at all?

If you remember right, Aljur was supposed to star alongside Alden Richards for Cain at Abel. The project from GMA Films was shelved when the controversy with Aljur against GMA Artist Center broke out.

Rocco Nacino, on the other hand, has starred in potentially good material movies but low promotion films that's why his name has not yet been remarkable in the silver screen.

This time, however, in a film title that sounds fierce and bold, we have yet to see how their names will pan out in the movie industry. If not, they will be part of the roster whose names got stuck on TV.

Did Mikael Daez & Megan Young meet up in Cambodia?

The other day, Mikael Daez and former Ms. World Megan Young posted a beach photo from Cambodia almost the same time in their separate Instagram accounts. Did they meet up after Mikael's acting gig abroad?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's The Richman's Daughter vs. Pangako Sayo 2015

So the battle for primetime supremacy is not between remakes Let the Love Begin of GMA Telebabad and upcoming Pangako Sayo of ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. The real battle is between the latter versus lesbian-themed soap opera The Richman's Daughter.

It's not genre versus same genre anymore. It's a battle between stellar casts, between stories that will engage audience more, between twists that will make hold on to their seats. And so far, these two have it based on trailers and writeups.

The Richman's Daughter will pilot next Monday and for sure it will take third slot after Let the Love Begin. Starring Rhian Ramos as Jade, her role will not be the only major one to watch out for but of Chynna Ortaleza's as well. Batchi Luna will certainly resound in households. The butch type of lesbian to be portrayed by Ortaleza will, take it from us, be television's most memorable character this 2015.

Watch the teaser of The Richman's Daughter

This one right here is undisputably gaining a good viewership judging on Youtube views alone of its first trailer. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are the hottest teenage actors in this generation.

But Star Creatives leveled up the game by going beyond the KathNiel fever and offering viewers a more engaging soap opera. They're doing this by making the storyline execution of the parents also very interesting this time. To be played by Jodi Sta. Maria, Ian Veneracion and Angelika Panganiban as the new Claudia, the first week will surely be something to watch out for. And it will be a display of acting skills as well for these three.

So what makes a remake a better version of the original? We think that Pangako Sayo 2015 is about to answer that question. And we are about to see in our eyes a better version of the old one. We get this idea through its first trailer that opens with a line, "kung inaakala mo alam mo ang kanilang kwento, nagkakamali ka."

Watch the Pangako Sayo trailer one from ABS-CBN Entertainment

It will be one exciting ride on primetime television this season. After this round will come two reality shows. That's another exciting thing.

Monday, May 4, 2015

GMA Network's Recent Decision is to Let The Losing Begin

This entry is for two things: to weigh in the decision of the network to launch a new soap opera tonight and to revisit the delay of Starstruck's return via its 6th season.

GMA Network makes a hugely wrong move yet again. With Forevermore approaching its last three weeks starting tonight, a new soap opera will not capture a good amount of viewership since the phenomenon is still on.

Maybe the big bulls from GMA Entertainment department are thinking that Let The Love Begin can gain momentum already in preparation for the end of Forevermore in three weeks. They better think again. Because in three weeks time, a more highly anticipated soap opera is launching to take most of the teenagers and the working professionals from viewership. We can promise you that Pangako Sayo remake featuring the country's hottest tandem KathNiel will rule their primetime airwaves.

As one blogger wrote:
With everything set, expect a smooth transition from the unexpectedly successful LizQuen pairing to the well-established KathNiel duo. Three weeks from now, a changing of the guard is in order on Primetime Bida’s third slot.

So it's basically a pit. To make Let The Love Begin start tonight is like letting the losing begin. And the Kapuso network is about to see a bad result of a very bad decision. We are about to see them fall into one of their deepest pits.

Why not Starstruck???
That's the bigger question. Why launch Let The Love Begin with two of the network's most promising stars when you know that they'll be overtaken surely by a stable tandem? Isn't that a waste of time and money for developing the image of GabRu?

Why not Starstruck when millions of Filipinos have been excitedly waiting for this one? Add the fact that it's Rico Gutierrez who's directing the live episode, this one will certainly become phenomenal like the first season which crowned Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado with instant stardom.

Why not Starstruck?

Good luck to GMA Network tonight as they launch Let the Love Begin. Just be prepared to face brutal facts in the coming days.