Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How the potential of Ryan Agoncillo to be a Pinoy Superhero is wasted

We've seen him host and he's done it so well! We've seen him act on TV & the silver screen and he's done so well also. He's now pulling off a sitcom every weekend and he's doing more than well. But there’s still one thing that he has yet to do for his fans and the viewers. One thing that perfectly fits him well because he can pull off just any role given to him. We’re talking about a superhero character.

Hasn’t GMA Network thought of giving him a title role on primetime that’s going to feature him as a superhero? That show will be perfect for him since his image is by far credible even for kids. Plus he can do comedy so the role can be a goofy human but serious superhero.

Like it or not, Ryan Agoncillo has the charm that can capture even the younger audience. Given the right storyline and strategic marketing and promotion, Ryan Agoncillo could just be the better replacement of the slot that Richard Gutierrez has vacated for quite a long time already.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Where was BEA ALONZO when ZANJOE MARUDO confirmed breakup?

This is a bad news for most of the fans but a relief to all after the rumor is now confirmed: ZANJOE MARUDO and BEA ALONZO have gone into splitsville.

On the day ZANJOE confirmed the breakup via Tonight With Boy Abunda on ABS-CBN, where was BEA ALONZO? Has she moved on?


It's sad how some people post on Bea Alonzo's IG account bashing either of them for the breakup as if they owe others their love life.

They both are moving on. Great things await them both still but this time on a separate path.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016: What is MARIAN RIVERA-DANTES' next soap opera?

Marian Rivera-Dantes spilled something last year in Sunday Pinasaya. This is in connection to her next soap opera.

Meanwhile, she visited the wake of Kuya Germs. It was the first time for the public to see her after a while. What do you think of her look on that day?

As to her next show, watch this to find out!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

What are GMA Artist Center's 2016 Plans for Alden Richards?

While Twitter world is busy with the hashtag WelcomeHome AldenRichards, here's a video to update you about his 2016 projects.
It's saddening that the soap opera is not yet sure. So sad, right?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why We'll Watch KimXi's The Story of Us

Among all the trailers released by ABS-CBN during their trade show on December 2015, the one that was most promising is... KimXi soap opera entitled The Story of Us.

Set in Palawan, Kim Chiu & Xian Lim's character will grow up together. They will also grow in love to each other but the same old story of not being allowed by the lady's parents/guardian. Both characters will promise each other their forever love. They both fly to United Stated (New York to be specific) on separate occasions and the deeper conflict will arise.

We like this the most because both actors are now given more realistic and deeper roles. For sure, this will be a heavy drama to fill in that timeslot in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.

Based on the trailer, Xian Lim can now level up to the acting of Kim Chiu. So it's a plus to this soap.

What's catchy about this series is the last line of the teaser that Kim Chiu's character said,
Hindi Amerika ang sumira sa atin Makoy. Ikaw!
It gives us a good idea that the story is not just about the same old love here and there but the struggles of couples in the land where dreams are said to be made of-- United States of America.

ABS-CBN 2016 Teaser Proves That They're Prepared to Win!

ABS-CBN is ready to take 2016 by storm. How are they doing it? By simply being prepared for a fight.

Watch this condensed teaser of all their new shows for the first quarter of 2016 and you'll be amazed of how prepared they are in terms of casting, storyline, and promotion. It's kinda like saying: "move over GMA..."

So what show/s are you most excited about? Leave a comment if you may.

Delayed Pilot Taping for That's My Amboy Not a Good Sign

In a report by Jun Lalin for Abante, it turns out that the taping of That's My Amboy will start late and that's next year. 
Samantala, hindi natuloy kahapon ang first taping day ni Barbie ng new primetime show niya na kung saan ay kapareha pa rin niya si Andre Paras.
It's not a good sign that the cast is not yet complete and they're starting their taping less than two weeks before its pilot... good luck! They're making it their banner primetime soap for the beginning of the year and they're not even preparing big time for it.

It's almost 2016 and they have not released character teaser or story teasers at all. It's almost pilot week for this soap and The Half Sisters is not yet over.

Kapuso fans are looking forward to Barbie Forteza's landing on primetime with Andre Paras but it seems like this will have the same fate as the GabRu starrer Let The Love Begin which was also rushed and not promoted well.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Under-promoted shows Little Nanay & Because of You are actually Worth Watching

Funny how GMA Network's less promoted, less talked about prior to pilot episodes, and less hyped shows turn out to be the best soap operas for this year's lineup. We're talking about Little Nanay and Because of You.

Little Nanay, a realistic light but very heartwarming drama.

Pairing Bembol Roco & Superstar Nora Aunor as grannie couple is a perfect one. Their characters don't demand too much but their depth make it appear so realistic. Thanks to them, Kris Bernal gets surrounded with good acting atmosphere. Because of that, she pulls off her role as Tinay beyond expectation.

To date, this is Kris Bernal's most important role in her showbiz career. We sure hope she gets recognized for this one. If not through awards, at least through longer run of this show and sustainable and even surpassing ratings.

The supporting cast is but perfect for this show. This is like One True Love in terms of casting ensemble yet also less hyped.

If you want a show that would again touch your heart for real life situations aside from romance, watch this one! It actually is the most sensible soap opera on TV this season. No joke.

Because of You is one material perfect for Gabby Concepcion. It reminds us of Sir Chief in Be Careful with My Heart but with another flavor. He gives the role so much justice. It tells the networks that he can pull off a TV show.

But more than being a material for Gabby, this is the perfect material for Carla Abellana. She is perfect for romcom and this one is the best so far! Thanks to the writers who gave her another character different from the other shows she's done.

The direction of Mark Reyes is fit for the light and sometimes funny concept.

Watch an episode of this one and you'll find yourself quickly liking the character of Carla along with her friends played by Iya Villania-Arellano and Vaness del Moral.

If you want something funny yet still about love and not overdone, watch this primetime series. If only GMA Network can move it to an earlier timeslot as soon as Marimar ends, this would have been watched by a lot more viewers. It's easy to love.

So we have a question: what's up with GMA Drama? Why do they promote the wrong ones but lack promotional plans for the best ones like these two?