Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014's Most Talked About Outsider Posts

Let's end the year with some of the most replied & retweeted on Twitter, most talked 2014 posts of The Showbiz Outsider.

A Challenge to the Fans of Julie Anne San Jose
We were misunderstood at some point when we posted this entry. People thought we hated Julie Anne San Jose. Little did they know that our hope was for their idol to succeed.

"Release Me": Seeing Things from Aljur Abrenica's Perspective
We had no word on this one but we brought readers to the perspective of Aljur Abrenica. It was hopefully worth it.

Whether or not he transfers to ABS-CBN after his contract expires, this man needs to understand that his home network more than anything will still be the place where he can have a big space for stardom. He must face reality that Kapamilya network has enough talents.

Lessons from Jessy Mendiola's Hosting Blooper
This one's funny and let's leave it at that. Our wish for her this 2015: to be better in her craft both acting and hosting without excuses. Without excuses.

This 2015, Kim Chiu is Mulan
The prime actress of ABS-CBN deserves a big role on TV like Mulan local remake. And thank you to all her fans and the neutrals for agreeing and thinking out loud these two words: Why not!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Dingdong Dantes After Wedding, What May Come

Now that Dingdong Dantes is married, we look farther the years and see what may come after he ties the knot with his beloved Marian Rivera. For this particular entry, we look at two fields where Dantes is most likely to flourish.

Be it starring in a film or producing one, Dingdong Dantes' fame and fortune in the movies are most likely to elevate.

He can be a 'suki' to Metro Manila Film Festival yearly. He started with a movie with Star Cinema where he won festival's best actor. Then with his own film outfit Agostodos Productions in partnership with Reality Entertainment and GMA Films via Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles. This year, he co-produced and starred in the second installment Kubot. He has gained a platform in the MMFF, probably taking the slot of Sen. Bong Revilla.

The benefits about his Aswang Chronicles series:
1. There are more Aswang species that our country has. So he can really make it a yearly entry for the MMFF.
2. Dantes raised the bar by producing excellent fiction films. Not substandard.

So while he can still pull off a TV soap opera granted a brilliant material like Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real, Dantes is most likely to soar higher in the silver screen. Our hope though is that GMA Films would give him a movie material like what they gave to Cesar Montano in the past-- Jose Rizal and Muro Ami.

Despite the denial, The Outsider believes that his route is still going politics. When his name started to tag alog PNoy thru the YES foundation, one can predict where he is really going.

But what's wrong with politics for a Dingdong Dantes? Let's enumerate reasons why politics is not a bad route for him.

In his showbiz career, there was not a publicity as muddy as the others. No news on 'anak sa labas'. No sexual identity crisis. No 'playboy' rumor. So far, his integrity as far as face value is in tact.
He has a mind that can carry the load. He's smart enough. He won't be a puppet.
He's rich. He has a good source of income from showbiz alone. Good chance he won't corrupt.

Dingdong Dantes is one of the country's actors who climbed the way to the top, remained loyal to his network and maintained his image. Indeed, a fulfilled man. Best wishes to him and Marian Rivera.

2015 Wish List for Comedy Movies

So we've seen a short list of quality comedy films this year. It won't be too much to ask for more comedy movies in 2015 with better quality. So here's our #My2015WishList for comedy movies next year. 

This goes to Star Cinema, VIVA Films, Regal Films, Quantum Films, Skylight, APT, and if they still have plans to come back--GMA Films.

More of Angelica Panganiban Please
Her part in the trio film Beauty in a Bottle was so funny you'd wish it were her movie the whole time. So please, a comedy film for her next year. One with good material.

 A RomCom for Team JuGe
If GMA Films is stupid enough to miss out on the opportunity to earn from their tandem, might as well have other film outfits exploit their popularity care of Celebrity Bluff.

We will release an entry of What Could Be a Good Movie Theme for JuGe?

Pepito Manaloto The Movie
From their unique episode entitled Pepito ManalotTalk, Michael V said that  they can actually develop a movie storyline for the unique sitcom.

They should!!!

Going Bulilit The Movie
These kids are cute so let there be cuteness overload in the silverscreen.

RomCom for Ryan Agoncillo & Carla Abellana or Team Ismol Family
Try it. It may work.

Funnier JaDine Film
Diary Ng Panget was funny cute. Talk Back and You're Dead was light drama. Bring back comedy for Jadine. It suits them.

We hope to go to cinemas next year with our wishlist fulfilled.

Has Anthony Taberna become a Showbiz Reporter that we didn't hear of?

Today, a controversy broke out: ABS-CBN & DZMM public affairs reporter and host releases a public statement via Instagram expressing how disappointed he is with some of the MMFF 2014 Awards Night results. Anthony Taberna makes a scene, a bad-tasting scene at that.

No, we're no fans of any of the winners. But we're no fans of such act as well, using such harsh words to malign those who won. Now don't get us wrong. Anyone in this country has freedom of speech. But when you're a journalist, a broadcaster, when a lot of people trust your word with the platform given to you by the network, you need to man up and make sure you don't add up to the list of tactless broadcasters who don't THINK BEFORE THEY CLICK.

We are not against freedom of expression. We are for responsible usage of media practitioners' influence.

We are for good examples not people who tactlessly release statements just because they want to or they want to be talked about.

That's our word on this matter.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Showbiz Outsider's #My2015WishList for TV Networks

Since it's the top trending topic today, The Outsider would like to ride on but we'll add a twist to it. Instead of wishing for ourselves, let's make a wish list for TV networks: ABS-CBN, GMA Network, and TV5.

#My2015WishList for ABS-CBN

  • That KRIS TV continues to deliver stories that feature good restaurants in the country not just in the metro.
  • That they'll keep on airing Superbook in such a good timeslot.
  • That they would put some restrictions on Vice Ganda.
  • That they would keep Kapamilya Gold as that and not progressively turn it into Kapamilya Bold.
  • That they will develop better storylines with depth for their soap operas and not dwell on the marketing potential of scandalous scenes.
  • That they would develop a technology to automatically *tooooot* whenever Korina Sanchez would tactlessly say another controversial statement live.
  • That they would give James Reid and Nadine Lustre their own soap coz they can act well... better than some.

#My2015WishList for GMA Network

  • That the network would see how much potential their artists have and if they don't pull efforts together for GMA Artist Center, GMA Films and Sunday noontime variety then they'd remain as tiny twinkling stars.
  • That they would bring back the glory years of Telebabad by thinking well, thinking.
  • That they would keep Basta Everyday Happy. At least they have a morning show.
  • That they would find a show to preprogram Ryzza Mae.
  • That they would maintain their Afternoon Prime really prime.
  • That they would make Starstruck ten times better with GREAT JUDGES who would be like the American Idol judges.

#My2015WishList for TV5

  • That they will continue producing out-of-the-box quality shows.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

MMFF 2014 Winners

List of winners of the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival in 2014: 

Best Picture: Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo
Third Best Picture: Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2
Second Best Picture: English Only, Please

FPJ Memorial Award for Excellence: Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo

Best Actress: Jennylyn Mercado (English Only, Please)
Best Actor: Derek Ramsay (English Only, Please)

Best Supporting Actress: Lotlot de Leon (Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2)
Best Supporting Actor: Joey Marquez (Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2)

Best sound engineer: Wild Sound (Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo)
Beat Musical Score: Juan de Guzman (Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo)
Festival Best Theme Song: Juan de Guzman (Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo)

Best Child Performer: Ryzza Mae Dizon

Best Festival Make up Artist: (Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2)
Best Visual Effects: Mothership (Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2)
Best Production design: Erickson Navarro (Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2)
Best Editor: Marya Ignacio (English Only, Please)
Best Cinematographer - Carlo Mendoza Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo
Best Original story: Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas (English Only, Please) 
Best Screenplay: Antoinette Jadaone (English Only, Please)

Best Director: Dan Villegas (English Only, Please)

Commemorative Award for Vision and Leadership - Joseph Estrada
Commemorative Award for Vision and Leadership - MMFF and MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino
Guillermo de Vega Memorial Award (posthumous) - accepted by wife Maria de Vega
Gat Puno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award: Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo

Celeb Face of the Night: Nadine Lustre

Best Float Award: Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo

Youth Choice Award: Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo

Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Pinoy Movies Worthy of Mention

Before the year ends, allow us to give you a list of movies worthy of attention this 2014.

When we say worthy of attention, we mean the following:

  • It has good enough storyline to engage the moviegoer all throughout the film.
  • Its casting may not be perfect but generally fit for most of the main characters.
  • Aesthetically, the movie looks pleasing to the eye and the scenes well stitched.
  • The actors have done generally well.
  • May not have earned so much but should have earned so much.
  • Movies that didn't land in the top 15 earners of this year according to
  • This list excludes MMFF 2014 entries.

So It's You (Romantic Comedy)
The first movie to feature the tandem of Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana earned more than P25 million only. It's a bad turnout considering how hot their teamup was from My Husband's Lover and then My Destiny. They have a good following but not as huge as Dingdong and Marian has or Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.

But what makes So It's You worthy of mention is the quality of the film. Regal Films, to be honest, has not done a rom-com film as good as this one. It's a movie where chemistry, storyline, acting, technical aspects were a problem. It was a good movie in general.

The problem why it didn't earn that much was with how GMA Network promoted the film. They don't have the 'across the board' formula of ABS-CBN. One can reason out that it wasn't under GMA Films to begin with. But the fact that TomCar tandem is a Kapuso breed, the network should've gone all in.

Watch it! And you'll be able to say, "sana nasa ABS nalang ang TomCar kasi ang husay nila pero hindi napapakinabangan masyado sa pelikula."

Beauty in a Bottle (Comedy Drama)
Beauty in a Bottle however, makes the last paragraph from the So It's You commentary irrelevant. Because even when the lead stars of this movie, namely Angeline Quinto, Assunta De Rossi & Angelica Panganiban, were all from ABS-CBN, the movie earned less than expected.

The material: perfect comedy film for Angelica Panganiban. Good role for Angeline Quinto. Not so fit execution from Assunta De Rossi as a power woman who was aging. She was good portraying the latter description.

The movie gives people enough good laugh for the money. But the movie didn't receive what it deserved.

It was not the lack of promotion. Not even the timing of the film. Maybe it's the taste of the commoners. Their type of comedy has so focused on Vice Ganda Vic Sotto comedy that they have  forgotten another type-- the less absurd comedy.

The Gifted (Comedy Drama)
Same is true for this film. Even when it was Anne Curtis already, the material was not enough to make a lot of people watch it.

The lower income could also go back to the way Sam Milby's character was. He didn't play 'knight' or 'hero to rescue the hurting princess' but a supporting role who turns out to be the antagonist.

But how the storyline was, very uncommon for the country's scriptwriting. Worthy of mention.

Ang Diary Ng Panget (Romantic Comedy) & Talk Back and You're Dead
Needless to say, the overflowing chemistry of tandem Nadine Lustre and James Reid was this year's revelation. Thanks to Andoy Ranay for being an excellent director and great material from Wattpad, VIVA Films gave us two great RomCom Jadine movies this year.

In the second movie, it's good to mention that their acting became more impressive.

The Trial (Drama)
Forget the part that this movie is almost like a local adaptation of South Korea's Miracle at Cell No. 7. Just get into the film and off you go in an emotional roller coaster ride.

John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez and Gretchen Barretto pulled off a dramatic movie and brought to the movie industry another standard higher than before. Minus the mostly lack of timing acting of Vivian Velez with all due respect and the not so impressive execution of the Ma'am Bessy role.

Filipinos should learn to love watching movies such as this one.

We hope that next year, Regal Films, Viva Films, and Star Cinema would produce good films such as these. Not only close to moronic films that hide in the amazing private surface done by the bossings.

Korina Sanchez: Oops I did it Again

It seems like Korina Sanchez of ABS-CBN News & Public Affairs has developed a new habit, to make a tactless statement via TV Patrol which would land her in the news stories the next day.

Last year, Sanchez responded to Anderson Cooper which backfired at her. Mixed reactions came out at that time but most people actually didn't like what Sanchez said. Read full story about her Yolanda-related controversy from Rappler.

This 2014, just before the year is about to end, she did it again. Read her interaction with Noli De Castro below:

Because of her statements, she became one of the hot topics the next day. Ooops she did it again!

2013: Tactless statements related to Yolanda.
2014: Tactless statements on Hagupit.

How about in 2015, a tactless statement on election? #paramaibalang