Sunday, April 26, 2015

Winners of the 6th Golden Screen TV Awards

Tonight is a night to recognize the best TV shows last year courtesy of ENPRESS' 6th Golden Screen TV Awards.

Here are the winners for the news and public affairs shows.

Outstanding Public Affairs Program - Bawal Ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie, GMA News TV

Outstanding Public Affairs Program Host - Winnie Monsod, GMA News TV

Oustanding Public Service Program Host - Tulfo Brothers, TV5

Outstanding Public Service Program - Salamat Doc, ABS-CBN

Outstanding News Program - State of the Nation, GMA News TV

Outstanding Male News Presenter - Jiggy Manicad, GMA7

Outstanding Female News Presenter - Jessica Soho, GMA News TV

Oustanding Educational Program Host - Drew Arellano, GMA7

Outstanding Lifestyle Program - Kris TV, ABSCBN

Outstanding Magazine Program host - Jessica Soho, GMA7

For full list of winners including the entertainment department, you may read it from Chikaness Avenue by clicking the link.

Plus Points for today's Sunday All Stars episode

A week before all Sunday variety shows go off air in lieu of PacMan fight, Sunday All Stars gave it a good fight today. So while we maintain our side that GMA Network should make their Sunday variety show a primetime one, we also think that efforts to improve it have been evident. Let's enumerate them.

*Blending opening number featuring the songs of Manny Pacquiao was a good one. It made the 'masa' songs sound classy. Thanks to Asia's Songbird who headed the bandwagon of singers. The people behind SAS have realized that the Glee-ish production numbers (vocal mixing) work for them. Plus their singers have been good in blending and harmony.

*Let the Love Begin launch was surprisingly major. Unlike previous soap opera launches, this one was not too corny and just fit for a launch. We were surprised with Ruru Madrid. He can sing with Gabbi Garcia who obviously has talent in that department.

*Hands down to the LipSync Battle Showdown. Man that was funny, entertaining and (importantly) excellent. GMA Network should invest on a SAS National Tour and feature production numbers such as this one with the same artists from this episode. It's first and unique from SAS so they won't be labeled as copycats of the already institution ASAP.

*Rita Daniela's album launch was also excellent. Make her a BIG star please. Give her movies.

*Regine Velasquez-Alcasid did an awesome job with that back-to-back production number. Happy birthday! We loved the part when Lovi, Regine, & Jaya were joking around each other. Made viewers feel like they're a happy family.

*SAS Prime was a triple treat today unlile other Sundays that it didn't feel like such. Alden Richards should consistently dance like that. Other days he dances like he's in Bubble Gang not in a variety show.

*Julian Trono. This teenage boy has something great to offer to the industry. Push his career further because people deserve to see his sing&dance combo talent.

*Lights were good today. Song choices were fierce today.

So now the question is: are they ready to move to a 12noon slot?

Our take: LET THEM STAY AT THIS (2PM) TIMESLOT FOREVER. That way the ones watching ASAP can tune in to SAS after. Adds up more viewers right?

It's really not about being number two at all. It's now about getting more viewers because as they improve more, more people deserve to watch excellent production numbers.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Richman's Daughter Jade: From Marian Rivera to Rhian Ramos (Photos)

Rhian Ramos had her pictorial yesterday with the major characters of The Richman's Daughter. Check out photos below to have a grasp of what Rhian Ramos is experiencing as  Jade.

Rhian Ramos is turning out to be a fair choice. This soap could be her comeback vehicle to lead role since after the Mo show she has not played a lead status.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why Nathaniel will Soar High

A new soap opera is about to go phenomenal. It's not the heartthrob priest. Not the brothers under the bridge. Not even the teenage lovers who once had forevermore. But it'snone other than the fallen angel Nathaniel.

With the history of success ABS-CBN has had with TV series that revolve mainly in two things-- a kid wonder and goodness, Kapamilya fans can expect that this one will be successful too. In fact, we think that this will be more successful than the one with Paulo Avelino and that other kid.

The good parts
Let's enumerate some of the good parts of this soap which are most likely to drive interest from the viewers.
-The role of Coney Reyes is enough to create tension every weeknight. Her line, "Yayaman ka" will certainly be a household expression.

-The kid they chose is really a kid wonder just by looking at him without having him say a line.

-Isabelle Daza is someone to watch out for as she brings in her charm she always had back in Kapuso camp.

-The story of a fallen angel may not be new since GMA Network had Pilyang Kerubim before but ABS-CBN has the experienced scriptwriters who know well how to make it more interesting than just a fallen angel story.

The parts that can be improved
-That scene when Shaina was giving her speech in the wake of her baby, that was not realistic. A grieving mother wouldn't be able to deliver a long and wordy speech at that.
-Gerald Anderson does it again. His voice acting is just really annoying. He lowers the pitch that makes him sound unnatural. Oh well.

In general, this soap will really soar high. Filipinos will have another soap opera to remind them that God is alive and that there is sure hope.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rhian Ramos is The Richman's Daughter 2.0, Headwriter Asks Support

It is official. The new 'Jade' replacing Marian Rivera in her role in The Richman's Daughter is none other than Rhian Ramos.

In a statement released via Philippine Entertainment Portal, Ramos expressed her gratitude towards GMA Network for trusting her yet again.

"Nagpapasalamat po sa GMA sa tiwalang binigay sa akin na ganapan ang role na JADE sa teleseryeng THE RICHMAN'S DAUGHTER. I look forward to the challenge of portraying the character.
My very best wishes and congratulations to Ate Marian Rivera Dantes! I wish her a happy, comfortable, and safe pregnancy."

Fair Game of Replacements
If you remember in 2012, Marian Rivera also had to replace Ramos for her role in My Beloved, the soap opera that featured Dingdong Dantes as a fallen angel. That was during the trying time of Ramos in her plight against Mo Twister.

That soap which had major replacement didn't do so well despite good promotion. We hope that the case of The Richman's Daughter will be different.

Kapuso fans hope that despite the major replacement, the lesbian-themed soap opera will still manage to become phenomenal.

Update: Headwriter asks for Support
Meanwhile, the headwriter of the said soap has just posted a tweet signifying that the project is really pushing through.

In her Facebook account, she also asks support from fans of Marian Rivera.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lovi Poe and Heart Evangelista in all-star cast Beautiful Stranger

Lovi Poe and Heart Evangelista will soon star in a soap opera together again after many years of not seeing them together from the success of GMA Telebabad's Legacy. The initial title has been released and so far it sounds intriguing-- Beautiful Stranger.

The Interesting Cast
This is the best part of their upcoming soap because it has been a long time since we saw an ensemble like this one. As released in some scoops before, Amy Austria will be part of the cast. Add to that Cristopher De Leon and Cherie Gil.

To be directed by Albert Langitan, director of Rhodora X, this soap opera will air not later than first half of this year if changes will not be made. As a matter of fact, this might replace the supposed timeslot of The Richman's Daughter if the network decides to postpone the lesbian-themed show.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Marian Rivera's Replacement in The Richman's Daughter is...

Yesterday was a big shakeup for GMA Network as their Primetime Queen withdrew from her role as Jade in the upcoming soap opera The Richman's Daughter. While we are glad that the network was considerate to the pregnant artist, we also await the announcement as to who the able replacement will be.

No announcement has been made yet but rumor has it that Lovi Poe is being considered for the role. At this point, we would like to directly say that the role will not fit her. Add to that the fact that she is already lined up for a soap with Heart Evangelista which is more promising for her.

While it's still in the pipeline, we list down considerations in choosing the replacement.

*The replacement should have a name as well.
It can't be just anyone the network wants to popularize. It needs to be someone who has made a name for herself in showbiz through the years.

*The replacement should have a good acting portfolio.

*The replacement should be sweet-looking and not fierce.

And the replacement should be...
None other than Carla Abellana.
Popular. Great actress. Sweet.
The only challenge is for people to not identify her from My Husband's Lover.

Other names that may but can not.
Megan Young. Ms. World might not allow her.
Sarah Lahbati. The head writer Suzzette Doctolero might now agree due to an incident that happened in Amaya taping.
Solenn Heussaf. Tagalog might be a big struggle for her.
Ai-ai delas Alas kaya? Joke!

Again, we await the announcement.

Marian Rivera backs out from The Richman's Daughter

GMA Network has officially released their statement announcing that Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is not doing The Richman's Daughter anymore.

This leaves the role of Jade vacated, the lead role as The Richman's Daughter.

Will the network replace her with someone else? Or will the headwriter Suzzette Doctolero prefer to postpone the show to wait for another year when Marian gets back?

If The Rich Man's Daughter gets postponed, will it pave the way for Encantadia to have its second saga?

Kapuso fans have to wait for more announcements.