Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More 2015 Soap Opera Rumors

List of 2015 (1st quarter) shows have been already released officially by ABS-CBN during the network's recent trade launch. Even when GMA Network has not done their trade launch yet, promotions have started for their shows in the first quarter. But recently, rumor has it that these shows will make it to our small screens by next year as well. Let's run them down.

La Mujer de Judas
An adaptation of a Mexican telenovela to be aired via ABS-CBN. They say Gretchen Barretto is reprising the role of the main character. But some say the network will award it to Iza Calzado.

If they're concerned of ratings, then Barretto needs to take the role. If they're after word of honor, then Calzado needs this role. It has been two years and she hasn't really gotten her bigger break since she transferred.

Beautiful Lie and My Stepmom's Daughter are rumored to be soap operas under GMA Network by 2015. No other details have leaked so far.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Older Roles for yesteryear's Matinee Idols?

First, it was Sunshine Dizon who played mother role to teen stars. Then Iza Calzado followed via Hawak Kamay. In 2015, Angelica Panganiban and Jodi Sta. Maria give up their young adult image as they take on the roles of Claudia and Amor Powers in Pangako Sayo remake. They will play as mothers to Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.

The latter was the most shocking so far. But here's to shock you all the more. Jericho Rosales was offered to play the role of no other than Tata Isko.

If this were a promotional stunt, it's one of the worst ploys they can ever come up with. If this were indeed true, all the more bad.

My goodness TV these days.

Credits to Sunshine Dizon who's playing her mother roles really well. Excited for Jodi Sta Maria since she has played such in a pre-noontime soap already.

To watch out for is Angelica Panganiban since she has never had a child and her age gap with the main stars is less than 10 years.

But something we still can't swallow: Jericho Rosales as Tata Isko? Seriously?

Tulog na... tatay...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Addlib Dance Crew's Dance Prod for Hologram

Credits to Addlibb's Instagram account. Watch their dance prod rehearsal for tomorrow's Hologram concert at MOA Arena.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Challenge to Julie Anne San Jose Fans

It takes more than just trending your idol on Twitter to show real support. Buy her concert tickets and fill MOA Arena this Saturday, 12.13.14.

Sad that while we are clear of our support for artists like Julie Anne San Jose, her fans receive us otherwise. Every tweet that we post inquiring about San Jose's Hologram concert is taken wrongly. Whenever we tweet about Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez being good together in a soap, most fans of MyJaps although not all feel that we're against their idol.

So to clear the air: we are for artists like Julie Anne San Jose. We are for new breed of concert icons. We are for talented singers and our hope is that she fills up MOA Arena like how BTS did because she deserves to have a full house concert.

But the real challenge is not on the lap of their idol anymore. It's in the hands of her supporters who trend her on Twitter every now and then. Lesson has been learned already from her first launching movie-- buy tickets not just trend. So many haters await her downfall which is a really bad gesture and so lowly-life attitude. Prove them wrong!

To all the fans of Julie Anne San Jose, realize that pop stars in the Philippines didn't just become stars by trending on Twitter or having fans flock her visits on ticket booths. Stars like Sarah Geronimo, with all due respect to her fame, have a good and strategic fan base. Strategic would mean having mini organization of fans in different locations in the country and having area coordinators. They are organized.

Take the challenge Julie Anne San Jose adiks. Buy her tickets. Sell them. Fill MOA Arena. Make it full house. And this Saturday, we'll await the tweet of @moaarena whether it's full house or not.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

This 2015, Kim Chiu is Mulan

Kim Chiu has really made it to the top. After box office successes of her movies be it with Gerald Anderson or Xian Lim, she can sell them like hotcakes.

She has also conquered television and delivered award-winning performances like her recent role in Ikaw Lamang.

It seems like she has done a lot. So for 2015, fans are wondering what's next for her. Something new. Something adventurous. Something like... Mulan?

It's interesting that Disney (Southeast Asia) got her for a 2015 calendar photo shoot as Mulan.

Kim Chiu expressed that she was in awe in a statement: "Nung in-offer sa akin, nakakatuwa na nakakaiyak. 'Totoo ba na gagawin niyo akong Mulan?"

Probably most of the fans said awww, just for a calendar photoshoot?

How about we dare you to dare ABS-CBN to buy the franchise of Mulan and make either a TV or a movie project with Kim Chiu as Mulan?

Two reasons why we wrote this. For one, The Outsider believes that Kim Chiu is fit for a Pinay Mulan. And secondly, she has brought in much profit to the network and the company in general, isn't it time to reward her of a dream role? She deserves a dream role come true over others who were given such but failed to make it rate high.

Gabbi Garcia can be Kapuso's Next Big Star

When Gabbi Garcia got included in the cast of My Destiny, we were wondering why the network paired up a fresh face and name to very promising Ruru Madrid.
Watch her sing

All the more we wondered when the network gave her a lead role alongside Ruru in a 5-episode romantic comedy. So we began checking out.

Two weeks ago via Sunday All Stars, we stopped wondering. When she sang in her birthday production number, The Outsider thought: "Artist Center seems to know now what they are doing. Betting on the right cards."

So it seems clear. The network wanted to pair up Ruru Madrid with someone who can act, sing, and dance. Good move.

It appears to be a good move because the GabRu tandem is becoming popular in their own rights. In fact, the network is giving them a big break this 2015 via the TV remake of the then blockbuster hit Let the Love Begin which starred Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin. Cheers to that!

So if the network plays this well, Gabbi Garcia will turn out to be an asset to the network. In fact, she could be the next big star for GMA Network if it pans out well. Again, it will depend on how Artist Center and the network push her career.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What to Learn from Jed Madela's 'Monkey' Controversy

"Let us practice responsible journalism po sana." -Jed Madela

It's a sad fact that because of a single social media post, Jed Madela gets involved in a huge controversy.

The story: he posted on Facebook about a bunch of monkeys. Got misinterpreted coz people thought he was talking about people from ASAP. Then when he cleared out that he was talking about some personnels in Cagayan De Oro airport, some locals wanted to ban him in the city. Full story at PEP.ph

In his interview with PEP.ph, he said that writers should practice responsible journalism.

Case In Point
The challenge is not just to the writers to practice responsible journalism. There is also a challenge to every human being to practice responsible usage of social media. Aside from that, a challenge to tame the tongue so as to model modesty and respect.

To actually call people monkeys is not post-worthy in social media. This applies especially to singers like Madela with thousands of followers.

We Are For...
For this matter we would like to clarify that we are not against the very talented and the country's pride Jed Madela. Because with all due respect, it's not easy to handle people in the airport who would not treat you well while you're already stressed enough. And all you're thinking of is to get to your seat on the plane.

What we are for is this: responsible use of social media. To think before you click. Because there are better ways to use social media rather than just social ranting. And there are better people to air out grievance rather than the public on social media. There is such a thing as actual friends.

Madela is just human. Don't easily pass judgment on him. But we can easily pinpoint the lessons we can learn from this news.

Avoid calling people names. Even when they mistreat you, you'd rather be blamelesa for your own good character.

Think before you click. Especially when eyes are on you.

We'll end with this appeal: to the people im Cagayan De Oro, it is very clear that he did not mean the locals were the monkeys so do not hate him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Real Challenge of TV Masterpieces like Ilustrado

True, the network through GMA News & Public Affairs has indeed proven that primetime viewing can have a high standard and international quality, but they have yet to work hard on one thing-- making the excellent and brilliant work phenomenal.

All these to say that Ilustrado is a masterpiece but only a few of the millions of Filipino televiewers are appreciating this craft.

That's the real challenge of GMA Network now, making brilliant have the mass appeal. Making a great masterpiece be available for everyone to appreciate. That and the fact that they have to address the reality of a great wall that sets the network war.

So while they are working hard on elevating the quality of soap operas they are showing, they should also work on how to get viewers both Kapamilya and Kapuso look beyond network war and start having a lens of excellence. That they will start watching shows not just because of network loyalty but because they know good shows need viewership so that they will last long enough to provoke similar shows to be birthed.