Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Expectations from Bayaniserye Ilustrado

Tonight, expect GMA Network to make history. And expect the fans of other networks to deny that. But expect Ilustrado to impress the viewing public in a way they never have been.

Those are three expectations from GMA Telebabad's bayaniserye Ilustrado.

1. GMA Network will make history.
With its initiative to make it a simultaneous world premiere in nations with GMA cable channel, Ilustrado is sure to make history.

For tackling major parts of our national hero's life, it's sure to make a huge wave internationally.

2. Most fans of rival networks will find loopholes.
Sure they will. What do you expect? Do we need to explain that?

3. Ilustrado will definitely impress the viewing public.
Well at least the thinking viewing public.

Expect that. After the success of Katipunan, Bayan Ko and Titser, expect this one to be a masterpiece after GMA News & Public Affairs department of the network has practiced with the first three docuseries.

Just why is The Outsider excited for this show? It's by GMA News & Public Affairs. They have been more consistent in delivering good shows. GMA Drama department should learn from them.

The Dwindling Tale of ABS-CBN's Late Primetime Slot

ABS-CBN's late primetime slot for soap operas has gotten uninteresting to viewers if we base it on both ratings and trending topics. With the demise of The Legal Wife, it seems like a lot of Kapamilya viewers have chosen to either sleep earlier or watch an alternative cable channel.

But like any tale, the death of one thing gives life to another. So then came Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon. It started decent. But not enough to topple  the then phenomenal Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real. But despite the talked about primetime soap of Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, SBPAK was still able to get its own following granted Bea Alonzo's obvious fame. When it reached its middle part, the Primetime Bida soap took its momentum. But just like any tale, an ending always comes.

Just when SBPAK started to rule the trending world, ABS-CBN decides to end it. Yes, to us, it was a premature ending when people started to get hooked, when people found something to love late night, the endless search of who killed Rose and the short yet sweet antagonistic exposure for Maricar Reyes.

So it ended. We wanted more. Bea Alonzo deserved something better than that. The last few weeks of SBPAK seemed rushed that scenes didn't have a gluing effect. The show then banked on revelations one after the other. But scene-wise, nothing was brilliant anymore.

Sana bukas pa ang ending. But it didn't happen. So the Two Wives came along...

And then. Just Two Wives.

Two weeks after, there still isn't any sign of progress. It's not worthy of phenomenon. It actually seems like it's the English translation of the soap that starred the unlikely triangle Lovi Poe, Dingdong Dantes, and Maricel Soriano.

Tonight, Two Wives will be confronted with two big shows-- Ilustrado & Koreanovela Empress Ki. 

Which show will end sooner than the other? This will be interesting. Really interesting.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

3 Things to Look Out For in Once

The hit fantasy series Once Upon A Time has premiered its latest season (Once Upon A Time S04E01) today in the US. While it has always garnered good ratings, it would also be good to point out the things you have to look out for.

Here are three things:

1. How Snow White's character would take a backseat.
See how her character would lie low in this season as she's taking care of her baby both actual and in the storyline. You'll be looking out for how the scriptwriters would balance having scenes of chaos in the village and begin to wonder: what happens to Snow White while everyone's in trouble? Answer: home?

2. It's interesting to find out how the production would turn Storybrooke to Arrendale-ish.
We'd love to see that for sure.

3. Will Elsa be worst than Evil Queen?
That's something to watch out for. If it's a battle of villains then this season would be so interesting don't you think?

These are just some. One thing we are so sure you should not look out for is... Olaf!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What DLTM Pilipinas lost in the PH Franchise

We were looking forward to the Philippine version of Don't Lose The Money via GMA Network. As it launched today, we have considerable observations both good and bad that hopefully the network will pay attention to.

 The Good Points
☆Tom Rodriguez. Seems like the show capitalized too much on a great host that they forgot about the technical aspect. But yea, Tom is way better than Luis Manzano as a host.

☆Set is fine. It's fine but could have been bigger. But that's already a good point. 

☆Tom Rodriguez. Oh did we mention him already. He's so good both in delivering and his energy is unimaginably at a high note from start to finish.

 The Bad Points
▪Technical aspect of the show is not impressive. There's not a good timing on the lights and sound. The volume of both their voices and the sound effects is too low it won't get viewers excited enough.

▪Poor editing & direction. Again, you would notice the poor editing coz it lacks in the 'suspense' department. Hosting is not given enough airtime as compared to the US version where there is enough viewer-host interaction.

▪Too bright. That's always the weakness of GMA Network game and variety shows. What's up with the brightness preference?! Watch some clips from the original franchise and you'll know what we are talking about.

TMTM. Too many to mention for bad points.

With all these, we have this as a conclusion: Tom Rodriguez can be given his own show without being an international franchise so as not to suffer from the inconsistencies of the director. And we're so sure Rico Gutierrez is not the director of this franchise. Definitely no touch of Tatak DRG.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lessons from Jessy Mendiola's Hosting Blooper

A week has passed now since the hosting blooper of Jessy Mendiola in the country's infamous cheerdance competion. We've heard from her sister that she was offended. Based on her Instagram posts, she posts somewhat related entries that may be a reaction to her 'bashers' ���� for that specific incident.

For those who still haven't heard of what happened, she basically mispronounced some common words while university students were either glued to their TV screens or watching live.

Her major mistakes:
Plaque pronounced as pleyks.
Without further ado she read it as adieu.

While many say she's a good sport based on how she reacted, The Outsider thinks that to simply say that no one is perfect is fine. But any average person knows that when you're paid to do something, you're supposed to get your skills ready for it. And this is a challenge to all artists-- it would be great if we see more artists who push for excellence rather than just be on the defense mode that no one is perfect.

So while we don't agree with people making fun of other's mistakes, we also think that important lessons should not be left unsaid from such blooper. So here are our thoughts...

Before doing something, always prepare epecially when you're paid to do it.

Ask for the script ahead. Ask for help. It's especially true when you know your limits. When you know that you're not so good with words, then it would be good to ask for the material to study ahead.

Always push for excellence!
People look up to you, celebrities! Model excellence especially for a nation with a generation losing the value of it because the paradigm of 'for as long as it gets done' is becoming so popular.

This is not an open letter to Jessy Mendiola because with all due respect it's not easy to be placed in such a spotlight. This is rather an open letter to two groups:

First, to all the celebrities, Mendiola included. You're paid with good money, at least deliver excellently.

Second, to the readers. Don't settle for less. Don't be mediocre. And don't wait to get to a point of using the excuse, "no one is perfect." Becaude while we are imperfect, we can still be excellent.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Inescapable Lessons from Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real

The plight of the Reals come to a conclusion tonight. Millet Real (Maricel Soriano), Shiela Real (Lovi Poe), and Anthony Real (Dingdog Dantes) will have their books closed tonight as the phenomenal Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real calls it an end.

While some are still stuck in the memories of The Legal Wife with Angel Locsin and Jericho Rosales, most people have moved forward and chose to level up their kabitserye viewing experience. This is for one what ADMR has proven, that the viewing experience can still go up a notch.

As GMA Network concludes the show tonight, let us take you back to three inescapable lessons from the show directed by Andoy Ranay.

    1. Kids are the real deal.
        In any marital issue whether it's adultery or simply marital fight, kids are the most affected.
        In their case, the kids of both Millet and Shiela were the ones who would experience the real impact of the situation. They're innocent. They didn't plan to be part of such a family. But they're affected.

     2. Kabitserye doesn't have to be about scandalous scenes.
         Although at some point ADMR showcased big confrontations between the two Mrs. Reals, Ranay and his team only did so when it was necessary.
         The soap, instead of coming up with scandalous scenes to be talked about, made provocative scenes that would showcase internal conflicts. They focused on real emotions rather than the common way of presenting such a theme.

     3. Bigamy is a punishable by law.
          Needless to say, anyone who commits such an act can be imprisoned for five long years.

To the team behind such a masterpiece, thank you for educating the viewers. Indeed, this was one for the books and not just on trending land.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Infographic: Kim Chiu's Journey to Box Office

Kim Chiu has indeed conquered the box office through the years. From being a PBB Big Winner to one of ABS-CBN's highest rater star, the chinita has managed to make it to the top maintaining her meekness.

Before her new movie with Xian Lim, let us take you back to the years of Kim Chiu in the movies and how different the gross income data are so far.

Regardless of the gross, what movie did you like best?

Share us your thoughts...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jessica Soho on 24 Oras, for good?

It has been days that Jessica Soho, one of the pillars of GMA News & Public Affairs, took the newscaster's seat from tandem Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco. Varied comments have been expressed by viewers online. Granted the chance, would you rather see her nightly on GMA primetime or is it better left alone to the infamous news tandem?

As for The Outsider, this is our take:

1. Jessica Soho's tone is more relaxed yet still interesting.
Her voice may have been popularized already thanks to her very successful magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. It has benefited her that any avid Kapuso would identify with her.

No matter how more relaxed her tone is, she still manages to make viewers glued to their screen and be interested to the incoming report.

The way Jessica Soho does it on 24 Oras actually reminds us of our calm yet strict and intelligent professors who, in their calm tone, would surprise you with mind-boggling questions every now and then.

2. Jessica Soho can manage to do a one-man-team newscast granted a company of good reporters.
No need to expound on it.

3. Is it just us or is it just us? 24 Oras has the had the feel of classy newscast since she came in.
Credits to the brand they have created with Enriquez and Tiangco that's more 'masa' but Soho also creates an opposite feel yet still reaching the hearts of the commoners.

With all due respect to the original newscasters, 24 Oras is more like an institution. Perhaps the substitution of Jessica Soho while the two are on break for whatever reason has simply brought the viewers' perspective to one direction-- that 24 Oras can still be better.