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Fellow Actors Advice To Aljur Abrenica

Actors speak up on the issue of Aljur Abrenica's plea for a contract release from GMA Network.

What a Kapamilya says...
"Una, tatagan niya yung loob niya. "Pangalawa, kumuha pa siya ng ibang consultant regarding sa matter na ‘to kasi medyo mabigat ‘to, e.

“Kasi naniniwala pa rin ako dun sa sinasabi nila, 'Don’t burn bridges.' Medyo mabigat kasi yung nangyari e. “Naging maingay, sana tahimik na ginawa yung mga bagay-bagay.”
(via Pep.ph)

What a fellow Kapuso says...
“I believe the network values him as one of its prime leading men.”
(via Pep.ph)

GMA Network's statement so far:
GMA Network does not release its talents from their existing contracts without a valid cause or basis particularly if the reasons cited by its talents are not true. We will respond to the issue when we receive a copy of Aljur Abrenica’s complaint.

Meanwhile, Kapamilya-oriented website Push.com.ph did a survey on whether their readers want him in ABS-CBN or not and this has been the result so far.

If Aljur Abrenica were to decide well, he better decide on the camp of his home network. To transfer to a network with bigger stars would be to dive into an ocean where he's not meant to swim. He better become a better diver in his home ocean.
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"Release Me": Seeing Things From Aljur Abrenica's Lens

When Aljur Abrenica filed a petition to be released from his GMA Network contract yesterday, most people said 'all he has is a sexy body.' While the writer does not agree, The Outsider thinks this is the very reason why Abrenica has come to this point of his career when he needs to take a stand and demand for something meatier than just showing off his meat.

Thursday, he cries foul as his career, after long years of hardwork, still is stuck in his label as The Ultimate Hunk from Starstruck where he was launched into showbiz. For the many years he has been in showbiz, GMA Network has been successful in giving him the medals of his title. And so after many years, Aljur Abrenica is now considered that hunk in GMA Network, period!

Can anyone blame Abrenica if he comes to this point of wanting change?

Recently, GMA Artist Center actor gets a transformation in his religion which in turn would have transformed even his personal convictions. And with the personal faith that seeks to please God in all aspects, being that 'meat' that every viewer loves to devour in the sensual meaning of it may not be anymore pleasing to Abrenica.

Can anyone blame him if he wants a release from the contract that, to him, has no plans of putting his name in the acting legacy over the meat department?

In the end, all that Abrenica desires is a healthy conversation between him and the network. No plans to transfer to another network at all. Just a demand to be granted. And since it was not granted in a process that would have only involved him, his manager, and his network, he takes it to court to make it sound.

No one can blame him. All this man desires is a meatier career in the acting industry. One that would allow him to leave a mark as an artist not as one who takes off his shirt every now and then. No one can blame this guy if he wants a network who would support him to be the best in this field and not just be popular as one who boasts of his physique. Because more than his body, Abrenica, in his lens, may just want to be used as a talent since that's what he got into this business at the onset. Besides, if the earlier were really his plan, he could have just applied to be a member of Chippendales in USA.

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Lovi Poe & Solenn Heussaff are Kapamilya of a new Brand

You read it right! Solenn Heussaff and Lovi Poe are part of a new family. They're the newest endorsers of McDonald's.

Yesterday, Lovi Poe posted a tweet that she is excited to announce her becoming a part of a new family today. And it's official. After years of McDo commercials featuring Kapamilya stars like Jesse Mendiola and Xian Lim, the international food chain has decided to try out the influence of two of the hottest actresses from the Kapuso lane.

Seems like stars from GMA Network have been getting more endorsements these days. Carla Abellana and Sarah Lahbati are also set to appear in their own TV commercials. Whatever it is, it's a good thing! At least they get what they also deserve in a good way.

Watch the TV ad here:

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Alden Richards & Alessandra De Rossi for a GMA Films Movie?

A romantic-comedy film for Alden Richards & Alessandra De Rossi under GMA Films to be directed by Andoy Ranay. Yes!

The headline is indeed interesting but it ends there. Unless of course the bosses behind GMA Films and the creative team would be brilliant enough to actually notice that this idea can actually become a big hit!

Given the right material, a comic role for Alessandra De Rossi who has been waiting and waiting and finally a younger guy comes along who meets the man of his dreams only younger. No conflict on third party is needed. The conflict can just focus on the lady's hard time to accept that she can't be old enough for the guy when it's true love.

Typical, age doesn't matter. But given a great script and a great director, this one will be a new movie to watch out for.

Get a glimpse of their possible onscreen chemistry by watching this clip from Basta Everyday Happy where De Rossi interviews Richards.

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Most Popular The Voice Kids Auditions So Far

The Voice Kids of the Philippines is making waves through their blind auditionees. And people are making their videos viral this time.

The Voice Kids Blind Audition "Too Much Heaven" by Echo

With almost half a million views on Youtube, this kid's performance is really becoming viral.

The Voice Kids PH Blind Audition (Darren sings "DOMINO")

With more than 200,000 views now on Youtube, this kid is entertaining a lot of viewers not just in the Philippines.

Looks like The Voice of the Philippines Kids Edition has gotten faster in making it viral than the adult version. And looks like the PR department
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Julia Barretto Hospitalized

Julia Barretto, daughter of Marjorie Barretto & lead star of Mirabella, was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to high fever.

Mirabella's star is confined until now and her mother asks for prayers via Marjorie's Instagram account.

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Let It Go Versions: Sarah Geronimo vs. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Whose version of Let It Go do you like better? Is it Sarah Geronimo's? Or Regine Velasquez-Alcasid's, Sarah G's mentor?

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Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real Pilot in One Word: Riveting

Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real premiered its pilot last night. What can The Outsider say but... RIVETING! Let me give you three reasons why it is!

1. The actors played their roles!
Not that they were acting because as a viewer, you won't feel they are. You would feel that they are the characters. For those 30 minutes, the viewers may have forgotten that was Dingdong Dantes. To them, it may have been Mr. Real himself.

Ms. Maricel Soriano is still the Diamond Star. She still shines bright in her portrayal as the first Mrs. Real. Ms. Coney Reyes pushed the bar and helped build the foundation of the story. Her part in the story definitely plays a big chunk in the bigger picture. The parents of the 1st Mrs. Real also did well.

Lovi Poe, with the short appearance in the pilot episode, did not appear as Lovi Poe. She seemed to be the future second Mrs. Real indeed.

The actors-- riveting!

2. The scriptwriting had depth.
In this review, The Outsider will avoid terms like 'better' for the sake of not comparing it to other soap operas. Take it as it is for this time.

As far as Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real is concerned, much credit goes to the team of scriptwriters and the creative team at least for the pilot episode. As far as depth is concerned, they had it. You would know that the loyalty did not just get disturbed because of some tempting woman. You would know that the loyalty would begin to blur because of personal issues that has taken its roots from marital concerns.

In the case of Mr. Real, it is the undying undermining insults of his father-in-law  which, after ten years, would grow its bad fruit-- the tension between the couple. Which brought in the personal issue of insecurity in the part of Mr. Real. Then begins his unknowingly journey to finding his significance, his worth apart from the distorted reality he has with his current in-laws.

With that issue, the question that the thinking viewers are faced with is this: can there be a reason good enough to forget about marital loyalty?

3. The director knows well what to do.
If there's ever a reason why more Kapuso viewers looked forward to, it's not merely the cast. It's the fact that Andoy Ranay is behind this masterpiece. One who has made a big punch in his portfolio via One True Love and the blockbuster movie Ang Diary Ng Panget.

What we like about Andoy Ranay is his penchant for details. He selects extras who in turn would attract more viewers to stick! He seems to show importance for roles like the helper of Mrs. Real because they serve like glue, stitching the story together.

The good thing about Ranay is he's unconventional in his approach of creating moments. He seems to get away with the tradition of putting up big cat fights to gain higher ratings. He shows the viewers that all episodes, all scenes are important and not just the big fight scenes worth trending. He gives us a better taste of what a soap opera of the thinking generation deserves.

All these give us a promising, riveting soap opera at least on the side of GMA Network.

As far as weaknesses are concerned, GMA Telebabad shows have been low on ratings these days. They better push the button for this one and take it as a major show. Pour in efforts in consistent scriptwriting and brilliant promotion. Because the opposite of it is exactly the network's weakness.
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