Friday, March 27, 2015

You're My Boss, Star Cinema's way of putting that GMA Films Sucks!

If anything, You're My Boss is surely not a spinoff of GMA Films flop movie My Lady Boss (oh did I say flop coz almost all movies they had were flop after they stopped producing epic movies). Starring the Toni Gonzaga and the leading man 'who needs a leading lady to pull up the gross income' Coco Martin, You're My Boss is something to watch out for this 2015 based on trailers.

As excited as we are to watch this movie, it's undeniable that this film has semblance with My Lady Boss which starred Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez. If you remember, that movie was a teamup that people looked forward to except that it was delayed because of the Sarah Lahbati-GMA Network controversy. GMA Films, however, decided to release the film despite unsettled matters. Because of such, the movie went nowhere aside from the fact that the film outfit really lacks a lot of things in terms of making movies popular. (to clarify, Marian Rivera was not at fault at all... Just in case Marianknights would react)

My Lady Boss earned more than P20million... only! That's a run of two weeks. The Toni-Coco starrer will make history for sure. But as you see the semblance, it makes you think that Star Cinema's upcoming movie is their way of putting that GMA Films sucks big time in wasting great concepts by doing a really bad execution both in filmmaking and promotions.

As an outsider, whether Star Cinema intends to 'in your face' GMA Films or not, we prefer to think that GMA Films really sucks big time! Wasted concepts. Wasted money. Wasted films. Gone are the days of Jose Rizal, Muro Ami, Sa Pusod Ng Dagat, Death Row, Moments of Love and the most successful Let the Love Begin (which has a 2015 remake).

Compare the trailers

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Willie Revillame is officially a Kapuso via WoWoWin

Big news but expected! Expected but still a big news!!! Willie Revillame has just inked an airtime contract with GMA Network.

In an interview released yesterday with GMA Network's V-President for Drama Redgie Acuña Magno, she said that the network was open to working with Revillame. And just today it happened officially.

"Dito naman ako nagsimula sa GMA. Kumbaga nag-abroad lang ako. Ngayon nagbabalik na ko." -Willie Revillame

"Ito'ng programang ito ay 'Wowowin'. Yung 'win,' sila (viewers) ang winner dito eh," added the host.

Willie Revillame with Atty. Gozon, GMA Network's CEO.

What does an airtime contract entail?

An airtime contract is one similar to what Eat Bulaga has with the network. The production outfit buys that specific timeslot. The production outfit is given the liberty to produce their concept and segments with the network having only the regulatory part in the partnership.

Is Willie susceptible to committing the same mistakes all over again?

After two network transfers, we hope he has learned his lessons. But as for GMA Network, be assured that they have foreseen it already and that the bosses have thought of ways to avoid them already.

As Ms. Magno said, "In their contract with the network, mayroong mga parameters that the blocktimer cannot do." 

WoWoWin will be directed by Randy Santiago and is set to air every Sunday.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

James Reid's Fave Photo with Nadine Lustre

With the many tandem photos James Reid and Nadine Lustre have together, their fans can't help but stare at them every now and then. But if you were to ask one of the hottest (soon to be THE hottest) love teams of today what their favorite photo together is, what do you think will it be?

We don't need to wait for James Reid's answer because last night he just posted his favorite photo with on-screen partner Nadine Lustre whose movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic is getting released soon.

Could it be one of these two photos?

Nope! Not one of them... But this one below.

James Reid: "Probably my favorite shot of us"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Forevermore's Sitio La Presa Now a Tourist Attraction

Thanks to ABS-CBN's Forevermore, people residing in Sitio La Presa, Benguet are now busier entertaining tourists. Stalls are now around the corner varying from food items to souvenir items. Truly, the soap opera which brought together Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano has become a phenomenon.

Check out the photos below of people who have taken the time to get to this place just to experience the beauty of the place.

The last time this happened to a show was in the prime years of GMA Telebabad via Encantadia. Their warehouse converted to a studio which housed the kingdom of Encantadia became a tourist attraction as well.

This is a good thing. It means that these shows have been effective in promoting our local attractions. We hope this can happen more and more.

Preview Starstruck VI (2015)

Starstruck VI is about to be unveiled in a few days. Before it does, get a glimpse of what to look forward to here.

Stage preview from the new director, Direk Rico Gutierrez.

Presenting... the judges?

If they will be the final judges, it will be an exciting set. They're all bubbly. But who will be Simon Cowell?

Presenting the new and better logo...

Monday, March 16, 2015

3 Impressions of Bridges of Love

Starring Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino, Bridges of Love aired its pilot episode last night. And here are our three impressions of the latest soap opera.

1. Jericho Rosales is given another venue to act but this time with depth.
It's not some love team role that he had in his early years but it's a piece where he can prove to the viewers that he deserves to remain on TV unlike other actors who live by the name of being an actor alone. Thankfully, the role is a protagonist lead unlike his character in The Legal Wife.

2. Storytelling had a good flow. It wasn't hard to follow. The flashbacks were done in style. Thanks to the headwriter BJ Amahan who also did well in the storyline. His name can not be fogotten since he was part of the Magkaribal team that made the tandem Derek-Gretchen hot.

3. We have yet to see if this material fits Maja Salvador.

Some observations:
*Cinematography was great.
*The scenes with the little brothers were well-shot.
*SPG all throughout so seems like this is a for-adult soap opera.

Sunday All Stars Slowly Recovers

It may be safe to assume that the episode when Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez Alcasid sang Oceans of Hillsong was the start of something new for the dying Sunday noontime show of GMA Network Sunday All Stars. When that episode aired, a lot of Kapuso viewers thought it was about time the people behind the variety show move up a notch and provide a real show. Few weeks after, the viewers finally get one— SuperSASummer episode was a signal that there is still hope for Sunday All Stars.

Thanks to the 65th year anniversary of the network, the bosses have decided to bring back their more of their real stars to the show.

What were obvious improvements last Sunday?

*Dance numbers were well rehearsed and choreographies were more defined and stylized. Take the prod of Lovi Poe. Although it was lipsync which she did quite well also, the prod was not boring because she had good dance choreography.

*That song production which featured most if not all of their singers doing a Pitch Perfect kind of prod was excellent. It raised the bar. Not much noise from unnecessary instruments. Just pure great voices and a little accompaniment. It was great! The combo of young singers and veteran performers was astounding.

*SAS Prime segment should be of prime value. As they have made the stage a prestigious spot to be on, they should keep its value by making sure only the best performances and well-thought prods are featured. The first hoorrah with Mark Herras, Lovi Poe and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid was a real hoorrah!

*Paborito was placed in the latter part which should be the case weekly because it's borderline cute and baduy.

*Hosts said the acronym as S.A.S. and not SAS which was classy. When we heard that we knew the production staff was up  to something good. Repackaging. Branding. Good one!

Just one concern though. Do they really have to have artists strip off clothes in almost all of the production numbers?

To Sunday All Stars, it seems like you have figured out the fault in  your stars and started addressing them since last month. You keep it up and who knows you might as well give a good fight against an institution--ASAP. Still, we stick to out proposal that Sunday All Stars be made into primetime.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Face Sounds Familiar Sounds Good

ABS-CBN has to fill in the weekend timeslot The Voice of the Philippines just vacated. While they're still auditioning for PBB Teens, they figured a comic relief is needed so as to compete with the top-rating weekend combo of GMA Network-- Celebrity Bluff and Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. As a response, they bring Your Face Sounds Familiar.

So after the weekend competition-spirit they brought through TVOP, Kapamilya network shifts mode and brings a lighter one through this Endemol-franchise reality show. And here's why it sounds good in three ways:

1. It's an international franchise.
Even when soundalike and lookalike concepts are not new on Philippine TV, the fact that it's an international franchise brings a new twist to the already common contest idea. Because it's from Endemol, we're sure that it has exciting mechanics and high standards.

Meaning, it won't be just another comedy-borderline-corny segment. It will be a funny concept done seriously because there will be three American-Idolish judges who will give their comments namely Gary V, Jed Madela and the returning Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

2. ABS-CBN has been improving with handling international franchises.
We like Deal or No Deal lately simply because they have elevated their standards stage-wise and direction-wise. The show has become more exciting to watch. TVOP has also improved in season 2 production-wise except the part that they added Luis Manzano to be one of the hosts. Don't mention PBB please because it's really an absurd show to begin with.

Anyway, ABS-CBN has become good in handling franchises still. So expect that this one will also be good.

3. Celebrities are the contenders.
Not only ordinary celebrities but mostly the ones from GMA Network's Sunday dying Sunday noontime slot. If you actually look at the promos at first you'll think they're promoting the forgettable Sunday All Stars.

This one will be exciting as they're not going to live in a house and expose the life we don't solicit to be exposed. But they're going to use real talent and creativity to win this.

Thank you ABS-CBN for this one. Now the weekend doesn't only have Celebrity Bluff and KMJS to lighten up our late primetime viewing. (Not mentioning the other trending late Sunday night show because we will in no way promote watching that one.)