Thursday, December 12, 2013

Filipinos The Filharmonic Conquer The Sing-Off Season 4

They're in it to win it! Filharmonic, a musical group composed of Filipinos living in America, is making some big waves in Sing-Off season 4. 

Who are they?
Let's get it right directly from the biography in their Facebook page.
Los Angeles has a long history of producing musical acts and in keeping with this tradition, it now presents you with The Filharmonic, a boy band unique in their musical talent and cultural diversity. The group consists of six members: Vocalists VJ Rosales, Joe Ilagan, Trace Gaynor, and Barry Fortgang, Vocal Bass Jules Cruz, and Beatboxer Niko Del Rey. Their melodic vocal style exemplifies an urbanesque hip hop sound with 90's nostalgia.
Watch their performance.

Here's an interview after their first performance.

What Judges had to say...
So far, the comments of the judges can be summarized into one word: entertaining. That's good enough since they are competing with really good groups as well. But mind you, The Filharmonic is competitive so we Pinoys must watch out for them.

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