Sunday, December 7, 2014

This 2015, Kim Chiu is Mulan

Kim Chiu has really made it to the top. After box office successes of her movies be it with Gerald Anderson or Xian Lim, she can sell them like hotcakes.

She has also conquered television and delivered award-winning performances like her recent role in Ikaw Lamang.

It seems like she has done a lot. So for 2015, fans are wondering what's next for her. Something new. Something adventurous. Something like... Mulan?

It's interesting that Disney (Southeast Asia) got her for a 2015 calendar photo shoot as Mulan.

Kim Chiu expressed that she was in awe in a statement: "Nung in-offer sa akin, nakakatuwa na nakakaiyak. 'Totoo ba na gagawin niyo akong Mulan?"

Probably most of the fans said awww, just for a calendar photoshoot?

How about we dare you to dare ABS-CBN to buy the franchise of Mulan and make either a TV or a movie project with Kim Chiu as Mulan?

Two reasons why we wrote this. For one, The Outsider believes that Kim Chiu is fit for a Pinay Mulan. And secondly, she has brought in much profit to the network and the company in general, isn't it time to reward her of a dream role? She deserves a dream role come true over others who were given such but failed to make it rate high.

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