Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gabbi Garcia can be Kapuso's Next Big Star

When Gabbi Garcia got included in the cast of My Destiny, we were wondering why the network paired up a fresh face and name to very promising Ruru Madrid.
Watch her sing

All the more we wondered when the network gave her a lead role alongside Ruru in a 5-episode romantic comedy. So we began checking out.

Two weeks ago via Sunday All Stars, we stopped wondering. When she sang in her birthday production number, The Outsider thought: "Artist Center seems to know now what they are doing. Betting on the right cards."

So it seems clear. The network wanted to pair up Ruru Madrid with someone who can act, sing, and dance. Good move.

It appears to be a good move because the GabRu tandem is becoming popular in their own rights. In fact, the network is giving them a big break this 2015 via the TV remake of the then blockbuster hit Let the Love Begin which starred Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin. Cheers to that!

So if the network plays this well, Gabbi Garcia will turn out to be an asset to the network. In fact, she could be the next big star for GMA Network if it pans out well. Again, it will depend on how Artist Center and the network push her career.

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