Monday, December 8, 2014

A Challenge to Julie Anne San Jose Fans

It takes more than just trending your idol on Twitter to show real support. Buy her concert tickets and fill MOA Arena this Saturday, 12.13.14.

Sad that while we are clear of our support for artists like Julie Anne San Jose, her fans receive us otherwise. Every tweet that we post inquiring about San Jose's Hologram concert is taken wrongly. Whenever we tweet about Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez being good together in a soap, most fans of MyJaps although not all feel that we're against their idol.

So to clear the air: we are for artists like Julie Anne San Jose. We are for new breed of concert icons. We are for talented singers and our hope is that she fills up MOA Arena like how BTS did because she deserves to have a full house concert.

But the real challenge is not on the lap of their idol anymore. It's in the hands of her supporters who trend her on Twitter every now and then. Lesson has been learned already from her first launching movie-- buy tickets not just trend. So many haters await her downfall which is a really bad gesture and so lowly-life attitude. Prove them wrong!

To all the fans of Julie Anne San Jose, realize that pop stars in the Philippines didn't just become stars by trending on Twitter or having fans flock her visits on ticket booths. Stars like Sarah Geronimo, with all due respect to her fame, have a good and strategic fan base. Strategic would mean having mini organization of fans in different locations in the country and having area coordinators. They are organized.

Take the challenge Julie Anne San Jose adiks. Buy her tickets. Sell them. Fill MOA Arena. Make it full house. And this Saturday, we'll await the tweet of @moaarena whether it's full house or not.


  1. There's a difference between supporting and being just sarcastic, which is obvious in all your posts. First of all Julie and her fans need not to prove anything to you and to all her bashers. So what if its not a full house? Is PARI going to strip her all her record certifications? It doesnt matter if its a full house or not, fact is people like you will always find ways to rain on her parade.
    The last part of your post is like imposing a threat to her and her fans. So what will you do if its not a full house? What are you going to tweet to make her feel bad?
    And it already showed that you're not a supporter, coz you're not going tobe there to support her, instead you're just gonna wait to internet rumors and going to throw stones after.
    How about I challenge you back? Watch the concert and post here how awesome Julie is as an artist and how great she is as person.
    I even challenge you to meet me up, after the concert.
    Thats how you support an artist, not by planting doubts in her mind.
    You either reply to this comment of just delete it. It doesnt change the fact that you're a showbiz "miron" who posts for the sake of retweets and favorites.

  2. Why challenge the fans? What’s there for the fans to prove? People listen to an artist, buy albums and watch shows to get entertained, not to stress themselves to prove anyone anything.

    Julie Anne San Jose is endeared to people, mostly belonging to the teen demographic who are inspired not only by her talent and beauty, but also by how she deals with her professional, school and personal life.

    You say your tweets are being misconstrued, but how can it not be sarcastically construed when you post tweets like how the tickets sales are going on for HOLOGRAM when you could easily verify it from the SM ticketing office? If you are concerned on ticket sales as you have represented and not merely badgering, why not do something proactive so that your views could be taken objectively and not merely relegated to that of an arm chair theorist or barber shop analyst.

    Anyways, you are cordially invited to watch the HOLOGRAM concert and party with us :)