Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hollywood Critics on Anne Curtis' Blood Ransom Performance

Critics both here and abroad have spoken about the performance of Anne Curtis in Blood Ransom. Read up.

Ms. Curtis, a Filipino-Australian actress making her American film debut, suffers nobly, with full lips and heavy eyelashes, parading in leather and occasionally acquiring fangs, a veiny complexion and flaring red eyes. She is not without charisma, but this is not her proper vehicle. It would be interesting to see her in a role of more down-to-earth dimensions.
-Andy Webster,

More than anything, the film plays like a vanity project for Filipino entertainer Anne Curtis, making her American movie debut...
-Martin Tsai,

Inconsistency however is Curtis’ downfall here. When she attempts to portray the darker side of her character, she comes off as awkward and predictable. A lot of the movie’s action scenes are poorly executed, forcing the actors and actresses in them to make up with awful posturing.
-Oggs Cruzz,

If nothing else, Anne Curtis delivers a fairly memorable performance. Her striking looks serve the role well, and her relatively subdued performance gives the character an alluring sense of fragility. She doesn't quite have the chops to sell the sharper edges of her character, but she's all right for the most part.
-Phil Dy,

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  1. With all these comments it would just be understandable knowing that it's just Anne Curtis' debut movie in Hollywood, but if Anne would read all these for sure she'll accept them and learn from them because it would really help her in being a better hollywood artist. I've read from an article that she is called "The Princess of all Media" in the Philippines and I think she just deserve the title with all her hardwork and achievements. She is also versatile and flexible with all the she is doing, and for sure she'd be more successful that she is now.

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