Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Expectations from Bayaniserye Ilustrado

Tonight, expect GMA Network to make history. And expect the fans of other networks to deny that. But expect Ilustrado to impress the viewing public in a way they never have been.

Those are three expectations from GMA Telebabad's bayaniserye Ilustrado.

1. GMA Network will make history.
With its initiative to make it a simultaneous world premiere in nations with GMA cable channel, Ilustrado is sure to make history.

For tackling major parts of our national hero's life, it's sure to make a huge wave internationally.

2. Most fans of rival networks will find loopholes.
Sure they will. What do you expect? Do we need to explain that?

3. Ilustrado will definitely impress the viewing public.
Well at least the thinking viewing public.

Expect that. After the success of Katipunan, Bayan Ko and Titser, expect this one to be a masterpiece after GMA News & Public Affairs department of the network has practiced with the first three docuseries.

Just why is The Outsider excited for this show? It's by GMA News & Public Affairs. They have been more consistent in delivering good shows. GMA Drama department should learn from them.

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