Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bet Ng Bayan can be a Good Bet

Last two Sunday night's episode of Bet Ng Bayan regional showdown was really good and had the potential of being a good bet to pull up the ratings of Sunday night viewing on GMA Network. Even last weekend's episode at Cagayan De Oro was very entertaining.

The first regional showdown episode sucked in all aspects (except the hosts).

Last Sunday night was better in these aspects:

*Camera angles were better. The panning from back to front. The angles showing the judges. It gave viewers a feel of the live show. Good job!

*Scenes were more stitched giving logical flow. Unlike the first regional showdown that you'd be surprised with sudden shift from judge's comment to a spiel by the host that the show will return.

The Nightly Updates
Seriously, viewers wanted a talent show. So on a daily basis, they want to watch the shows that took place in the provinces.

Show them the actual shows-- the performances and the judges' comments. Please!!!

X-Factor and Got Talent became popular because they had a balanced time for performances, judges' comments and back stories.

Showcase Alden Richards and Bettina Carlos as hosts. Showcase the pre-regional showdown because people want to watch talent showcase not novelish features.

The show is unique because it showcases the fiesta culture of the Philippines. GMA Network should up the game for this one and make sure that the next round (semi finals) would be able to topple the quality of Pilipinas Got Talent technically and whollistically.

We have high hopes for Bet Ng Bayan. If only it's at an earlier timeslot or the daily updates would feature performances and judges' comments. 

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