Monday, October 20, 2014

The Dwindling Tale of ABS-CBN's Late Primetime Slot

ABS-CBN's late primetime slot for soap operas has gotten uninteresting to viewers if we base it on both ratings and trending topics. With the demise of The Legal Wife, it seems like a lot of Kapamilya viewers have chosen to either sleep earlier or watch an alternative cable channel.

But like any tale, the death of one thing gives life to another. So then came Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon. It started decent. But not enough to topple  the then phenomenal Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real. But despite the talked about primetime soap of Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, SBPAK was still able to get its own following granted Bea Alonzo's obvious fame. When it reached its middle part, the Primetime Bida soap took its momentum. But just like any tale, an ending always comes.

Just when SBPAK started to rule the trending world, ABS-CBN decides to end it. Yes, to us, it was a premature ending when people started to get hooked, when people found something to love late night, the endless search of who killed Rose and the short yet sweet antagonistic exposure for Maricar Reyes.

So it ended. We wanted more. Bea Alonzo deserved something better than that. The last few weeks of SBPAK seemed rushed that scenes didn't have a gluing effect. The show then banked on revelations one after the other. But scene-wise, nothing was brilliant anymore.

Sana bukas pa ang ending. But it didn't happen. So the Two Wives came along...

And then. Just Two Wives.

Two weeks after, there still isn't any sign of progress. It's not worthy of phenomenon. It actually seems like it's the English translation of the soap that starred the unlikely triangle Lovi Poe, Dingdong Dantes, and Maricel Soriano.

Tonight, Two Wives will be confronted with two big shows-- Ilustrado & Koreanovela Empress Ki. 

Which show will end sooner than the other? This will be interesting. Really interesting.

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