Sunday, September 28, 2014

3 Things to Look Out For in Once

The hit fantasy series Once Upon A Time has premiered its latest season (Once Upon A Time S04E01) today in the US. While it has always garnered good ratings, it would also be good to point out the things you have to look out for.

Here are three things:

1. How Snow White's character would take a backseat.
See how her character would lie low in this season as she's taking care of her baby both actual and in the storyline. You'll be looking out for how the scriptwriters would balance having scenes of chaos in the village and begin to wonder: what happens to Snow White while everyone's in trouble? Answer: home?

2. It's interesting to find out how the production would turn Storybrooke to Arrendale-ish.
We'd love to see that for sure.

3. Will Elsa be worst than Evil Queen?
That's something to watch out for. If it's a battle of villains then this season would be so interesting don't you think?

These are just some. One thing we are so sure you should not look out for is... Olaf!!!

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