Sunday, September 21, 2014

What DLTM Pilipinas lost in the PH Franchise

We were looking forward to the Philippine version of Don't Lose The Money via GMA Network. As it launched today, we have considerable observations both good and bad that hopefully the network will pay attention to.

 The Good Points
☆Tom Rodriguez. Seems like the show capitalized too much on a great host that they forgot about the technical aspect. But yea, Tom is way better than Luis Manzano as a host.

☆Set is fine. It's fine but could have been bigger. But that's already a good point. 

☆Tom Rodriguez. Oh did we mention him already. He's so good both in delivering and his energy is unimaginably at a high note from start to finish.

 The Bad Points
▪Technical aspect of the show is not impressive. There's not a good timing on the lights and sound. The volume of both their voices and the sound effects is too low it won't get viewers excited enough.

▪Poor editing & direction. Again, you would notice the poor editing coz it lacks in the 'suspense' department. Hosting is not given enough airtime as compared to the US version where there is enough viewer-host interaction.

▪Too bright. That's always the weakness of GMA Network game and variety shows. What's up with the brightness preference?! Watch some clips from the original franchise and you'll know what we are talking about.

TMTM. Too many to mention for bad points.

With all these, we have this as a conclusion: Tom Rodriguez can be given his own show without being an international franchise so as not to suffer from the inconsistencies of the director. And we're so sure Rico Gutierrez is not the director of this franchise. Definitely no touch of Tatak DRG.

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