Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lessons from Jessy Mendiola's Hosting Blooper

A week has passed now since the hosting blooper of Jessy Mendiola in the country's infamous cheerdance competion. We've heard from her sister that she was offended. Based on her Instagram posts, she posts somewhat related entries that may be a reaction to her 'bashers' 😮😉 for that specific incident.

For those who still haven't heard of what happened, she basically mispronounced some common words while university students were either glued to their TV screens or watching live.

Her major mistakes:
Plaque pronounced as pleyks.
Without further ado she read it as adieu.

While many say she's a good sport based on how she reacted, The Outsider thinks that to simply say that no one is perfect is fine. But any average person knows that when you're paid to do something, you're supposed to get your skills ready for it. And this is a challenge to all artists-- it would be great if we see more artists who push for excellence rather than just be on the defense mode that no one is perfect.

So while we don't agree with people making fun of other's mistakes, we also think that important lessons should not be left unsaid from such blooper. So here are our thoughts...

Before doing something, always prepare epecially when you're paid to do it.

Ask for the script ahead. Ask for help. It's especially true when you know your limits. When you know that you're not so good with words, then it would be good to ask for the material to study ahead.

Always push for excellence!
People look up to you, celebrities! Model excellence especially for a nation with a generation losing the value of it because the paradigm of 'for as long as it gets done' is becoming so popular.

This is not an open letter to Jessy Mendiola because with all due respect it's not easy to be placed in such a spotlight. This is rather an open letter to two groups:

First, to all the celebrities, Mendiola included. You're paid with good money, at least deliver excellently.

Second, to the readers. Don't settle for less. Don't be mediocre. And don't wait to get to a point of using the excuse, "no one is perfect." Becaude while we are imperfect, we can still be excellent.

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