Monday, June 10, 2013

The Voice of the Philippines Blind Auditions Blind Items

You've seen some of them already but here are more clues as to who got in for the Blind Auditions for The Voice of the Philippines.

The Blind Auditions is already a prestigious part of the competition. Many of you may not know that to get to the Blind Auditions, the artists had to go through two to three stages of pre-auditions. After that, they had to go through different activities like contract signing which took almost a day to do that and band rehearsals which also made all artists wait for long hours before their turn.

As to who endured this process, here are more clues aside from what other blogs have given you...

The bald and the beautiful.

The one color comes out.

The one who's tired of TV ghost singing.

The one who was part of the list in the local academy but got disqualified coz of 'IDOLatry.'

The one who sells belts.

The one who leaves the beautiful paradise.

The one who lives in terror.

The one who grew up in church.

The one who tried it 5x on TV.

The ones who live with the stone on the corner.

The one who played with the border on the south.

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  1. Ang galing talaga nung sumali na Aegis song ang pinang audition! Inulit-ulit ko panoorin sa iwantv.