Monday, June 10, 2013

The Challenge of My Husband's Lover

Tonight, a first on Philippine TV is airing its pilot episode. My Husband's Lover, a case of adultery committed by Lally's husband not with another woman but with a man.

Written by the infamous writer on GMA block Suzette Doctolero, My Husband's Lover stars Carla Abellana as Lally married to the character played by new recruit Tom Rodriguez. The 'kabit' is no other than Dennis Trillo.

While we agree that it's different as to what people behind it say, we also think that the viewing public ought to know that this is not at all a different story of almost every housewife's struggle. In fact, it's just the same at some point.

So the real challenge of the soap opera's team is not to show a different twist and a different concept. The real challenge is on how to make viewers intelligently realize that after all, there's only black and white and no gray area. That any type of unfaithfulness, be it committed with the opposite or same sex, is still unfaithfulness at the end of the day.

True, to most women, it will hurt more if it's the case of Lally's husband. Less hurting than what Marian Rivera's character experienced in Temptation of Wife. But again, both shows have a common denominator--sin in the form of adultery.

Sin comes in different forms. No such thing as smaller or bigger sin. Whatever form it has, it's sin. This is the challenge of the show... Not just to show that love is love no matter what form. But more than anything, to show that sin is sin no matter what form. That unfaithfulness is adultery no matter who's involved.

As this message gets out through the soap opera, here's hoping that it will create the same realization that Temptation of Wife presented when it ended... That adultery is and can never be dignified no matter what. True, their stories are worth hearing but never to be justified.

God bless the team of this show. Hoping that the show will not succumb to the demands of money to show gay scenes that may not be necessary in the story. Ms. Suzette Doctolero is better than that.

Watch My Husband's Lover music video here


  1. if you are looking for holier than thou creatures in this world that is full of children of satan to which the writer is one of them, go fuck yourself coz you ain't seeing one. so whether people will understand this kind of show or will ridicule it like the way toilet abshit always despises the shows of 7, go to hell with the crooks lopezes.

    1. hello! If you've read the entry you'd realize that we're not biased. God bless you!

  2. Maganda kwento nito para sa akin so sarap panuoorin