Sunday, May 26, 2013

Antoinette Taus Performs with MyJaps

In Julie Anne San Jose's recent LA concert at Beyond the Stars Palace, former GMA Network artist Antoinette Taus performed with MyJaps. Taus starred in several successful shows like AnnaKareNina which is set to launch its remake.

Former loveteam of Dingdong Dantes posted this photo saying that she's now a fan of Julie Anne San Jose.

The concert was held at Beyond The Stars Palace which has a seating capacity of 700. With that number, it's safe to say that it was just a mini-concert. A successful mini-concert at that.

A follow-up event after her successful concert at the Music Museum, looks like Julie Anne San Jose is ready to conquer a bigger stage.

Is GMA Network just doubting if she can really fill in a bigger venue? Or they have a strategy unknown to the fans until now? We question! 

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