Monday, January 14, 2013

Will Indio be 2013's New Phenomenon?

Tonight, GMA Network's Indio will attempt to make a mark in hte history of Philippine television. Under the helm of director Dondon Santos, Indio is by far the most expensive production made for TV so far. But the question is, will it be the new phenomenon in the country?

Impressions so far:
*The special effects look really impressive and excellent. Even the eagle looked real in the teaser. 
*The story looks good as its based on the ancient Filipinos who used to believe much on diwatas.
*The casting is big.
*The promotion has been huge as well.
*Looks like Suzette Doctolero, the headwriter, has already mastered the Filipino flavor of epic fantasy soap. From Encantadia that was purely fantasy but culturally relevant to Amaya that was epic history, she manages to mix it all up and here comes Indio.

We look forwardto this show in the sameway that we looked forward to Kidlat and looking forward to Juan De La Cruz.

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