Friday, January 4, 2013

The Curios Case Of Sarah Lahbati

2013 was supposed to be Sarah Lahbati's year but she decided to turn it down.

The worst time to leave the country and study abroad is when your showbiz career is about to take its peak! A launching movie that's sure to get people's attention via Seduction and a major role as the biggest epic series starts via Indio. That's what Sarah Lahbati left behind--a promising bigger break that a lot of artists have been waiting for.

To begin with, all the pains and undertakings that an artist must undergo to get to where she was supposed to be would be things anyone would be willing to take. Character. That's how one survives showbiz despite seeing things that may not necessarily seem beneficial to himself/herself for the moment but along the way people will see it. Take Judy Ann Santos. She's one whom we're certain who also had pains and complaints if only she verbalized them. But she chose to honor to whom honor is due--her bosses. She chose to speak up only to the right people--her manager and her bosses in ABS-CBN. This is why until now, her network still gives her what she well deserves, a good and flourishing career despite change of seasons.

To Sarah Lahbati, we may not know exactly what you went through, but lady, verbalizing complaints via TWITTER is unprofessional and crass (opposite of classy). No one has the right to speak against you but to say negative things on Twitter against your boss--your network, is not at all honorable. Taking it into the negotiating table would have been better. If it didn't work, taking it to the court would have sounded better on your end.

Not taking sides, but as an outsider, celebrities ought to promote professionalism in a country where citizens become desensitised with what their 'idols' do. We don't want a generation of young people eventually tweeting against their bosses because they saw what you did.

To GMA Network, it's just wise not to give in to any of your celebrity's unprofessionalism. This is not a case of whether you treat your artists well or not. Not a case of whether ABS-CBN or TV5 are better in handling artists. This is a case of promoting professionalism among artists to benefit all networks.

To Ms. Sarah Lahbati, it does not matter if you walked out or not. It does not matter if they mistreated you or not. What matters is you, your character, how you deal with important matters such as this one. Twitter can be real damaging sweetheart! Taking your complaints there is out of class and not at all a good thing to teach your fans, definitely not. So whether you turn the coin to your side or not, your act of tweeting those statements is not commendable. Not what this industry needs. Because this is not about fighting for your rights Sarah Lahbati, this is about your character and how you should fought for both your rights and your character by doing it professionally.

We hope you well.

To our dear readers:We take one side. Not the side of GMA Network. Not the side of Sarah Lahbati. But the side of professionalism and diplomacy. The side of good character.

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