Monday, January 14, 2013

Sarah Lahbati's Useless Battle: Open Letter To Her

FACT: Sarah Lahbati did a very impressive performance in Indio's pilot episode. TRUTH BUT PAST: She's the BIGGEST THING for 2013 that Philippine showbiz is to see. But that remains to be a prediction of the past because she engaged herself into a battle, a plight against the network that developed her, against the network that has big plans for her this 2013.

Speculation: Either she couldn't wait longer for a bigger break or she has something urgent/life-changing that she had to lie.

REGRETS for Philippine showbiz as we were to see a rising star who would take the place Angel Locsin left in GMA. She's a total package and has proven herself better than all who went ahead of her because she can do everything, sing, dance, act. And she can act well. Not only that she can do everything, she also has IT. The beauty and the brain and the talent and the skills. What she doesn't have though is what would make others last: CHARACTER.

Speculation: It could be that she was influenced by people around, hence, the Twitter scandal.

Truth: Although what she did was awful, we pity her. She was supposed to be the BIG THING for 2013. The Outsider was one of her greatest believers. But the Twitter ranting was a turnoff.

To Ms. Sarah Lahbati, take this from the Outsider:

We believed in you and your talent. But this Twitter ranting was a major turnoff. You may be telling the truth or not, GMA Artist Center may have had real issues, the ultimate TRUTH remains: what you did on Twitter was unbecoming of an artist.

We wish you well. We can only dream of what you could have been, the costume you were supposed to wear that would mark in televiewers' hearts, the scenes that made people cry. Could have beens!

It was and is a useless battle. Choose your allies Ms. Lahbati. Because right now, your allies historically have brought people down.

Our hope is that you would apologize and be back with your network so that all would be well and you would land on the step that you were supposed to be, the step of MAJOR STARDOM.

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