Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Irene Invaded Daytime Viewing

Do you remember Irene and Luis Mario? No, they weren't in one show together, they each had their own fame in Philippine households when GMA Network and ABS-CBN changed daytime viewing. Yes, teleseryes in the morning slot have been tested back in the years via Irene and Gata Salvaje.

The winner that time was Irene, a Korean drama tagalized with a story of a wife who sought revenge after her dad. People followed the story which also featured very realistic scenes. That was their winning factor which made Gata Salvaje followers eventually transfer to the charm of Irene. It was the hunky, soft-porn look of Luis Mario that they had to trade for the fiery character of conservative Irene.

At that time, ABS-CBN was hitting good viewership in their noontime show Magandang Tanghali Bayan. Gata Salvaje was a good pre-noontime show to support MTB. But the Korean drama of GMA Network saturated most of the viewership which made Gata lose over it.

Perhaps, GMA Network should go back to history and test what made that show win over the other. No offense meant but... Cielo De Angelina is not fit for its timeslot. It's not a winning show. The network should just gamble on new recruits like Mikoy, Zandra and the likes from Protege to cast in a realistic light drama show. Take a Bisaya-Tagalog telenovela for example. It's worth the try.

All is said, our point is simple: look back at history to learn from it... When Irene invaded daytime viewing.

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