Saturday, November 10, 2012

The New Extra Challenge Bullet Review

With the new and improved version of Extra Challenge, we have a few words to say about it. Before anything else, let it be told that it is indeed fresher and bigger. Better? It's subjective.

The PLUS Points:
  • Adapting the brand of the old one is wise. They didn't just improve the challenges, they also stuck with the old style which is to add a comic part--Ethel Booba before, Boobay this time.
  • Editing is way better than Fear Factor. It actually makes the show!
  • Musical scoring adds up to the excitement of the show.
  • Boobay is funnier than Ethel Booba. We just don't know on tonight's episode when he had a squabble with Karen De Los Reyes.
  • Better and bigger challenges.
  • The X Platform makes the new version unique and better. Add to that the excitement that the money bets build up among contestants.
  • The timeslot is perfect, just the same time everyone in the family can sit together and watch.
  • Wide screen mode makes the show look theatrical and high quality.

The MINUS Points:
  • Actual spot hosting is too 'low-pitch' that it doesn't sound like it's Extra Challenge most of the time. Richard Gutierrez may be too concerned with his image that he maintains his low-pitch voice. Not that we want him to sound like Paolo Bediones but the principle behind it is voice that communicates PASSION and ENERGY. Most of the time, Richard G's tone sounds tired and un-excited especially when the show ends. It's a consistent observation after two weeks of airing.
  • Same with Marian Rivera. More fast-paced energy hopefully. Good thing Boobay is there.

Boobay, wag palakihin ang ulo!

So far, TheOutsider has been enjoying the show. But the weak spots are too obvious we can't let go of it without saying it. Good job to the TEAM they are able to compensate really well with the weaknesses.

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