Friday, November 2, 2012

A Beautiful Affair Bullet Review

For its pilot week, A Beautiful Affair has been leading in terms of ratings as predicted by TheOutsider. For one, it's a John Lloyd & Bea Alonzo tandem so what do you expect. But aside from that factor, there are many others that make this primetime soap opera from ABS-CBN worth watching.

Here's our bullet review:
  • Beautiful cinematography. It's like watching a mainstream movie.
  • Good opening scene with a Russian roulette sequence that educated the commoners as to what it is.
  • Balanced presentation of the past and present parts of the story. It's not like the other soap operas that begins week one with a boring back story or history.
  • It's a sad story that makes you want to watch it. Not for the 'killing' moments but on how both characters will find refuge on each other's arms in their low points.
  • This show definitely brought John Lloyd and Bea to a more mature level on TV and it's worth the watch as to how they will sustain it which we're sure of.

Some observations:
-Megan Young is consistently a support for John Lloyd-Bea tandem. But after bagging a lead role in an afternoon soap, she's back to being a support here.
-The supporting cast in the international setting is not that good except Janus Del Prado. But that's so forgivable granted that the two leads are really good.
-Beautiful train shots.

This show deserves to have the highest ratings on primetime.

1 comment:

  1. It's the same plots, scenarios, poor acting, etc. In one scene Bea's character is in mourning because her father dies. So to remedy it she takes a luxurious bubble bath and drinks a glass of wine??? Who the hell does that? And it takes an entire 40 minute episode to show someone is in mourning? sorry but this is just another typical teleserye trying to be a movie. Im pretty sure its going to get extended just because it has john lloyd and bea.