Thursday, October 11, 2012

Four Reasons Why One True Love Never Ends

It was supposed to be just a filler soap opera on primetime TV for GMA Network. But due to its winning formula, unexpected so to speak, One True Love won the hearts of the Filipino viewers and have made the show a historic romantic drama on primetime.

The Outsider has been asked many times why we think this soap is real good. Here are three reasons, finally, why One True Love never ends as few of the best soap operas on TV.

1. A typical story with a new context.
Credits to the scriptwriters headed by Ms. Suzette Doctolero, viewers finally had  a new taste of the Romeo & Juliet story. The story focused on that theme. They didn't have to have a lot of secrets but only secrets important to the main theme. They didn't present too many characters to prolong a show but focused only on characters who contribute to the main theme, the love shared by Elize and Tisoy.

What made the typical story of One True Love fresh? The depth of the characters they've shown totally changed the game on TV. The thing about soap operas is they usually present the stories, the theme without dwelling on the day-to-day scenes that explain the story in a micro perspective. They would tell the story in a 'secrets revealed' method. One character tells someone that he did this and that. They find out about this and that.

What One True Love writers did was to present the stories in scenes without letting the characters say things much.

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2. Scriptwriters came up with just a few characters who were well-thought of and justified.Impressive how they turned Leila, Agot Isidro's character, from a villain to one who was eventually forgiven by her victims. In the middle of its run, viewers even had times of being puzzled as to whether or not they're going to hate Leila. Her villain story was realistic and justified. Not the typical who takes revenge and plots any heinous crimes just to get what they want. Her's was out of pity, pity to herself that her husband does not love her anymore. Pity to herself that she couldn't give him a child despite her being an OB Gynecologist. Her actions were well calculated, thanks to the scriptwriters who still stuck their heads to reality.

Raymond Bagatsing's character, Carlos Samonte, also established a love-hate relationship with the viewers. He was the father to Tisoy who also tormented his life all because Carlos wanted to protect his daughter, as he mistakenly knew she was. In the end, people fell in love with his character.

Caridad Sanchez moved the hearts of the viewers as she played the compassionate stranger who took care of Tisoy. This could be her best role on TV so far. Ana Capri's character was also well-written. A mother to Elize who sold her not only because of poverty but because of her love for her daughter whom she felt she couldn't take care well. Writers were consistent till the end because Ma'am Dyna, her name in the show, didn't reveal that she was the real mom and still felt that what she did before was still the wiser thing.

3. The soap opera delivered good values without compromise.
In a generation when the culture of young people is now called PBB Teens, or those who couldn't wait but just give in to their desires, you would expect that the Romeo & Juliet themed soap opera would also tackle such. But One True Love ended without compromise. Some lessons it taught the viewers:
  • Finish school, if not for your loved one, for yourself more than anything. Romantic love may inspire, but education should still be prioritized.
  • Real gentlemen say NO to premarital sex. It can be remembered that Tisoy and Elize only kissed a few times, if not twice. When they were stuck in an island, they didn't at all do what most teenagers would expectantly do, premarital sex. Tisoy's character was established at the onset to be a gentleman.
  • Honor your parents no matter what. Just because they did bad decisions, it doesn't give children any right to dishonor them, not at all.

4. The acting of all the characters were impeccable, thanks to their script that sucked them in and their director that brought them out of their shells.

Impeccable because every role played by the actors was well-delivered. Even the extra character of Wynwyn Marquez who played 'pamangkin' to Leila was well-delivered. Lucho Ayala, despite very short scenes, also performed well, here's saying that he deserves to be developed as one of GMA's stable character actors. Jean Garcia's performance was a breather in this show. We quipped: "finally, she's given a decent role after all the trash telefantasya roles."

Tiya Pusit, Benjie Paras, Rita, Carleen Aguilar, Pin Medina, Nomer, that new girl of Tisoy, and yes even the first driver of Elize all left a good mark for this show. Even the ones we're not able to mention. They all did well.

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Director Andoy Ranay deserves honor for this show. TheOutsider believes in his works. He does well-crafted shows. We remember how he pulled off taking Legacy directorship after its first director took a leave. He didn't just pull it off. He added his expertise and made the show even better with due respect to its original director.

These are just four reasons. Four reasons that you won't have a hard time agreeing with TheOutsider when you try to watch it on replay. Yes, news has it that GMA Network is bringing back One True Love through its morning slot. This could even be a better competition for the highly successful and historic show Be Careful With My Heart than with a new show Cielo De Angelina.

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