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What's On Primetime TV This 4th Quarter?

It's a battle of stories, depth, and acting for the 4th quarter of Primetime TV shows. To do a rundown, let's have a glimpse of what we are to expect weeknights on TV by their networks. We ranked them from first to last according to the interest it creates based on publicity and teaser.

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On GMA 7, the Kapuso feel.

1. Haram. CANCELLED!

An original concept, this is an innovative approach to bring change in the ever common plots of soap operas. It's still the typical 'leading lady falls in love with leading man' kind of soap. But the interesting twist is it tackles a Muslim-Christian love affair.
Watch the trailers of the GMA shows by clicking this.

One very interesting part of this soap is the inclusion of very good character actors Alessandra De Rossi and Neil Ryan Sese who both have shown impressive delivery in their previous primetime roles (Legacy & Munting Heredera consecutively).

Who's in it?
Lead: Dingdong Dantes & Kylie Padilla, Alessandra De Rossi, Neil Ryan Sese
The Veterans: Lorna Tolentino

Who's directing?
Maryo J. De Los Reyes

2. Temptation Of Wife
A Pinoy remake of the hit Korean soap, Marian Rivera is set to take back primetime. But she's not the reason why this comes second on our list. The reasons are as follows: Rafael Rosell is about to prove his worth in this soap. Dennis Trillo and Glaiza De Castro, both being able to tag in their names the label of able and good character actors, are set to deliver fiery antagonistic couple role in the show.

The good story is given. Credits to the Korean makers. But we have yet to see how the Pinoy makers meet the high standards.

Who's in it?
Lead: Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, Glaiza De Castro, Rafael Rosell
The Veterans: Cherie Gil & Rio Locsin, Rez Cortez & Raymond Bagatsing

Who's directing?
Dominic Zapata

3. Mariposa
Mark Reyes is more than just familiar in directing tween/teen stars. He has mastered it by growing a bunch of them in TGIS. He's also good at fantasy shows, hence, the reputation to earn the third spot. Based on the trailer, the show will not be totally fantasy which is a good thing. Forteza's role is expected to look human except the butterfly wings part.

What we like about this upcoming show is simply GMA's decision to rid the viewers off the Joshua-Bea tandem since the latter deserves a better acting partner. Yes, you read it right. The Outsider thinks that Joshua Dionisio is a bit behind the latter's acting. With the network's experiment on Luna Blanca, Derrick proved to be a better partner not only in the acting department but even aesthetically. Monasterio's height is of high consideration.

Who's in it?
Lead: Barbie Forteza & Derrick Monasterio
The Veterans: Agot Isidro, Maritoni Fernandez

Who's directing?
Mark Reyes

4. Coffee Prince
Three reasons why this show does not catch much interest. First, Sir Ricky Davao is set to direct after a not-so-impressive Makapiling Kang Muli. But the turnout of MKM cannot be solely blamed to his direction, story and script-wise, MKM really deserved to be in history. Let's leave the review of that show in another post.

Second, it's another remake! Two Pinoy remakes of a Korean soap in one season does not sound so enticing. The element of surprise is lost. GMA should learn from one of its unprecedented successes--One True Love. A filler primetime soap as they termed it, OTL managed to gain high amount of viewership because the element of surprise. The story is typical 'Romeo and Juliet' but tackled in a totally new angle and context. Again, we leave the review of OTL to another post.

Third, Ms. Kris Bernal is not cutting her hair short. We understand her reasons behind it, legal and very valid at that. But it does not erase the fact that the interest the show is supposed to get is now going lower all because she can't cut her hair short.

Fourth, nothing anymore. Three reasons are enough to put this on number four. Our hopes for this show are very obvious. That Aljur Abrenica would act act this time despite the light, comedy approach. That Benjamin Alves and Max Collins would prove their worth to be leads in their next show.

Who's in it?
Lead: Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal with Benjamin Alves and Max Collins
The Veterans: Celia Rodriguez, Tessie Tomas, Leo Martinez

Who's directing?
Ricky Davao

On ABS-CBN, the Kapamilya home.

1. A Beautiful Affair
An architect falls in love with an heiress in Vienna, Austria. John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo are set to take the bar higher on primetime TV. They're a tandem that doesn't need extravagant supporting cast because they both do very well already with just them. After the success of their film The Mistress, this soap will undoubtedly take most of the ratings on primetime.
Watch the trailer by clicking the photo.

Our prediction: this would be the number one most watched primetime soap in the last quarter of 2012 and not the Kim-Xian soap.

A drama soap opera, we're sure to watch a good show. Just bank on the names John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Add to that the director of their very successful first soap together Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, Lauren Dyogi.

Who's in it?
Lead: John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo
The Veterans: Sorry to say this but the tandem can suffice.

Who's directing?
Lauren Dyogi and Katski Flores

2. Ina, Kapatid, Anak
Set to take the spot of Walang Hanggan in viewers' hearts, this soap has a lot to fill in. What's interesting about this show is the battle between Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador's characters. Not so much on Xian Lim and Enchong Dee's characters. They can be taken out of the picture honestly.

Tackling the struggles of two mothers, sisters, and daughters, the soap seems ready to get the Kapamilya fans hooked into something new and different from Walang Hanggan. The only thing that doesn't excite us is the leading men duo.

Another exciting thing about this soap is the veteran lineup. The battle between Janice De Belen and Cherrie Pie Picache is something to look forward to.

Who's in it?
Lead: Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador with Xian Lim and Enchong Dee
The Veterans: Cherrie Pie Picache, Janice De Belen, Ronaldo Valdez, Eddie Gutierrez, Ariel Rivera

Who's directing?
Don M. Cuaresma & Jojo A. Saguin

3. Little Champ
A boy and his horse. That's what we can basically expect from this soap. The boy is a newcomer but you can tell that he's good even by watching the trailer alone. The inclusion of Sen. Lito Lapid in this soap is not at all exciting for us with all due respect to him. But the fact that the son of the late Rudy Fernandez joins the cast makes this soap something to look forward to. We want to see how he's going to pull off being an actor.

Why number three? Because it's a new concept on primetime, period!

Who's in it?
Lead: Lito Lapid and Renz Fernandez with that new boy
The Veterans: Lito Lapid

Who's directing?
Dondon Santos

4. Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin
The Outsider almost got tempted to put this show on top because of Maricel Soriano's inclusion and Gerald Anderson's lead after the successful Budoy. But they're just not enough even with the entry of veteran godess Dina Bonnevie and the Encantadia diety Diana Zubiri.

We don't have any clue as to what the story will be yet but the inclusion of Cristine Reyes in this soap is a turn off without intending to offend the actress. For one, The Outsider did not see her performance in her last primetime soap with Piolo as remarkable. Maricar Reyes was remarkable despite being just the supporting cast on that show. Another thing is that her issue with her sister Ara Mina was really just a major turn off no matter which angle you would look at. But we hope her the best as she joins a stable lineup of cast.

Who's in it?
Lead: Gerald Anderson & Cristine Reyes with Diana Zubiri & Rayver Cruz
The Veterans: Maricel Soriano, Dina Bonnevie, Tonton Gutierrez

Who's directing?
Jerome Chavez Pobocan

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Some observations...
  • The veterans are coming back.
  • GMA tries new pairs except Aljur-Kris tandem. ABS-CBN tries new pairs except John Lloyd-Bea tandem, a way stronger and more tested love team.
  • Both the fantasy series offerings of both networks have a fresh and interesting concept.
  • Ina, Kapatid, Anak story has slight similarity to that of Legacy--the Heart-Lovi-Alessandra starrer.
  • Looks like ABS-CBN has a stronger lineup in terms of lead stars lineup in the context of popularity and longevity.
  • Despite the return of EXTRA CHALLENGE, it's not much of a threat to ABS-CBN because GMA is putting it on the weekend primetime. If they consider adding it up on their weeknights slots, they might strike a stronger and more certain chance of winning in the ratings game this time.

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Which primetime offering will prevail? Which network will be most watched weeknights?

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