Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Loveable Charice X Factor Moment

Seriously, the only time that The Outsider saw Charice as a likeable factor in X-Factor Philippines was last Sunday. It was when she voted Jeric out in favor of Daddy's Home with a prior message saying: "Philippines, you need to change."

Not that The Outsider is against Jeric, Martin's mentee, but Daddy's Home really deserved the X-Factor spot better than the recent vote-out.

Charice had a point. The Filipino viewers have to start changing in terms of how they choose contenders to win especially in the context of X-Factor where the title itself obviously, clearly, literally suggests that the winner should have the 'IT.'

Apparently, what the show has been having so far are mostly contenders taking the spot who have sad back stories or the one with funny personality. Both are opposite to the X-Factor.

So what's our point?

Same as Charice's point. The Philippines has to change. One of the reasons why we have been constructively criticizing the X-Factor Philippines is its lineup of contenders. Only a few have the IT so far. The major problem is that most of the few have been voted out.

The Outsider is looking forward to the next season of X-Factor Philippines. Simply put, we'd rather see the current cut short than see more of it. We wonder what the franchise owner has to say about how the network has butchered the show's version here in the Philippines.

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