Saturday, September 29, 2012

5 Reasons Why "Of All The Things" Is Blockbuster-Worthy

After the mega blockbuster dramatic movie The Mistress, the Filipino moviegoers get another blockbuster taste but this time, a comic relief. VIVA Films and GMA Films come out with romantic comedy movie, Of All The Things starring Aga Muhlach and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. But why exactly do you have to watch this? Here are five reasons to.

 The promise of laughter is well-fulfilled. It was a good laugh! The mixture of lovable and funny characters and the comic performances of the assigned actors did it really well. Ms. Gina Pareno did a really good job playing her role. She had a number of scenes that would make you laugh. John Sweet Lapus' character was also really a comic relief. He was able to deliver more than just well because everytime he spoke, people were brought to the edge of their seats and laughed!

The laughter was not just in the characters themselves. It was also situational at that. And then we get reminded that it's directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal who has a knack of bringing out the 'masa' factor of a somehow intellectual situational comedy.

For the laughter, the movie is worth the watch. Watch out for the Joy Viado scene with Regine.

New characters on Philippine cinema. It's the first time that a movie tackled characters like the ones Aga Muhlach and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid portrayed. Aga Mulach played the role of 'Umboy' or the boy under the umbrella who, after failing the bar exam, decided to work as a notary public provider. It was the first time that the movie showed a glimpse of the life after bar exam. It may not represent everyone but there could a lot of them there who took the same path as Umboy, depressed but just tried to live despite odds.

The role that Regine played was also fresh, a so-called professional liaison officer but in truth a professional fixer. We have a notion against fixer, they're bad! But while watching the movie, you would begin to understand some fixers and why they chose such path especially that her role was presented in a very light personality. The change of viewpoint you would have towards fixers that this movie contributes is similar to how The Mistress would make you understand some mistresses and why they chose such path. That's a good sign of Philippine movies, we're starting to get more than just 'kilig' and have more meaningful movies.

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The romance factor was seamlessly delivered. There was no pressure on Aga and Regine at all. It was just natural. It only means that their chemistry as silverscreen tandem, a one-in-a-million, is really there.


Aga's dramatic scene with his father is a must-watch! The confrontation scene he had with his father somewhere in the climax is something to look forward to. It's not the 'shouting' kind of scene. It's the type that you can imagine happening in real homes, real life. No further explanation, just watch out for it.


 The ending was nicely done. Would he pass the bar this time? That's not the only question viewers need to ask. There's a unique twist before the results would come out. It's not usual but justified and romantically funny!

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Some observations:
  • Mark Bautista was a revelation. After watching the movie with him as the support to Aga's role, we think that he should be developed as an actor more than a singer. His astig role in the movie showed his potential to be a leading man but he should stick with astig roles.
  • Aga and Regine would suddenly get bigger in some scenes but Bb. Joyce Bernal did a little magic in the scenes so as not to disturb the moviegoers that much.
  • GMA Films should just continue partnering with VIVA Films for the meantime to reestablish their reputation as a filmmaker. Their next venture is Tiktik, it's a good move to partner with Agostodos productions.

All in all, Of All The Things is one romantic movie worth your pesos if you want to laugh after the heartbreaking blockbuster The Mistress.

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