Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Julie Anne San Jose without the Elmo

Imagine a Julie Anne San Jose without Elmo Magalona in the picture.

Yes, that's the picture we want to see in the coming months, even years. If it happens, TheOutsider places all A-cards on deck for these possibilities:
  • Julie Anne San Jose can star in a movie with one of Kapuso's prime leading men i.e. Dingdong Dantes or Richard Gutierrez and she would be such a hit. She can act way better than Elmo. Given a good and charming leading man, the movie would be a blockbuster not like Just One Summer. Not that we're against Elmo, but we just think Julie Anne San Jose deserves more than what she has now.
  • Julie Anne can star in her fantaserye with another leading man who can make her soar higher acting and popularity-wise.
  • Julie Anne would make a healthy competitor of Ms. Sarah Geronimo.
All these when Elmo Magalona is taken out of the picture. Nothing against Mr. Magalona, but really Julie Anne San Jose deserves to soar higher with partners who are 10 times more popular than her. Just like what VIVA did with Sarah G. after getting paired with both John Lloyd Cruz and Gerald Anderson.

A proof that she can soar higher is her gold record award for her first album.

Try it, GMA Artist Center.

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