Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Daniel Padilla Is An Instant Hit

He doesn't have a muscular physique. Not tisoy. But he has dimples, has Justin Bieber hairstyle only black. And he's a Padilla. But these can not be necessarily the reasons why Daniel Padilla is an instant hit.

With more than a million (as of April 2013) followers on Twitter and an album which is now on platinum record in sales in just a month, no doubt Daniel Padilla is an instant big star. Star Magic has again developed a precious possession in their management who will remain to be a household name for decades.

In one of the production numbers alongside Khalil Ramos, Ogie Diaz said that they gained more applause and cheers from 'fans who seemed like there was no tomorrow' than the previous performers Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual in the same show. This only means that Padilla, being one of the new Star Magic products, is part of a new generation of the famous ones in the Philippine showbiz industry.

Rito Asilo of Philippine Daily Inquirer said one time in his article, "Daniel Padilla has his Tito Robin's magnetic presence and cheeky swagger…" These characteristics may be something that the generation of fans have been so looking for. Something they haven't experienced from celebrities since they didn't catch Robin Padilla in his younger years.

It can be theoretically said that the charm that his uncle had may have been passed on to him. It can be theoretically claimed that he's the Robin Padilla of this generation, the leading man who captivated not just a lot of leading ladies but millions of televiewers and moviegoers as well.

But there is one more theory as to why Daniel Padilla became an instant hit. Let's start explaining this by checking his timeline. In 2010, we haven't heard of him much yet. That despite the fact that he already came out in Gimik 2010 as Daniel Ledesma. The show didn't last long as Tween Hearts of GMA 7 was reigning supreme at that time. The next year he again came out in 2011 for Growing Up, the show that replaced the former. It didn't last long again because Tween Hearts was still reigning in the ratings. But in 2012, a revelation surprised the fans. A lead role was given to him in Princess and I. For weeks, his name or his role's name would trend on Twitter every night. Fans got hooked to his character and to the story of the show.

What can we get from this? ABS-CBN is just a master in creating instant stars. They're like the Lucky Me of Philippine showbiz industry. Given the right role and the right timeslot, and the script that catches the hearts of the televiewers, boom! A star is made.

Note that Tween stars of GMA started in showbiz before him. But followers-wise, he has more. Compare the Twitter accounts of Tween guys to his, the numbers are too far from his.

No doubt, Kapamilya has made another famous member of their family. The network definitely knows how to turn an unknown main ingredient to a 'yum, yum, yum' delicacy.

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  1. Daniel padilla was first known in his character as patrick rivero in growing up that was his big break, but due to the upcoming projects of the stars in the show they had to cut it short. even before princess and i he had tons of fans already, see his mallshows for that.

  2. I love him because he has the charm that you will not see or feel with other artist. He has the badboy image that will made you shake, beacue of KILIG ^^ ahh,,,,