Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why ASAP 2012's #StarMagic20Years Won Over #PP80s

It was very obvious last Sunday that ASAP 2012 was winning in the viewership. Imagine, you get almost all of your stars from day one till today and put them all in one show for a reunion, what else do you expect?

So clearly, the appearance of the old, the formerly famous, the currently shining stars, and those in between is one of the huge reasons why ASAP 2012 #StarMagic20Years episode made it to the top. It should be mentioned that for the past months, Party Pilipinas has been winning the ratings game in Metro Manila with a not so significant gap from its rival show in the nationwide ratings. But last Sunday, they clearly lost it.

For Kantar Media-TNS Total Philippines Household Ratings, ASAP 2012 had 17.4% of viewership over Party Pilipinas with 8.2% only. For AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household Ratings result, ASAP won by 1.3% with 13.3% of total viewership while Party Pilipinas had 12%.

Another possible reason for ASAP 2012's win is their stellar production numbers last Sunday. Not to mention, KC Concepcion's awkward performance which turned out to still look impressive because of the production value put in to it. So we question, was Party Pilipinas lax last Sunday? Or their creative juices just went low on supply?

Where Party Pilipinas Went Wrong

Not that everyone will agree to this but one thing about last Sunday's episode of Party Pilipinas--messy. It was messy, too full of colors and people on stage that it got so confusing who the main stars are. Add to that the fact that it was an 80s episode so colorful presentations were really expected. There wasn't a good story-telling from beginning to end. It seemed as if they just added whatever production number there is to keep its consistency with the 80s.

Despite these observations, it is undeniable that there were awesome performances from the show as well like the Sayaw Party Pilipinas which highlighted only a few, that was good and less-confusing.

Was It A Clear Win To Give Up?

Even when it was a concept to bring all the stars in for ASAP 2012, not to mention the Optimum Star Claudine Barretto appearing in the station again, there could have been a better competition last Sunday. To the people involved in this site, call us bias but there could have been a better director at the helm. This to say without putting less value on the director last Sunday.

But really, as far as changing the hearts of the viewers' perspective on Sunday noontime viewing, it takes a Rico Gutierrez (DRG) to do that. He has proven that in the past years and have been proving it for the other Sundays lately. And news has it that he's back in the show as an alternate director.

We lay our cards today and we will wait for the ratings as DRG takes the directorship this afternoon for APPRUB episode versus ASAPPicturePerfect.

To ASAP 2012, good job last Sunday! It was a simple yet sure champion show with hundreds of stars (if my count is right) just taking the ramp without performing. And the VTRs surely made a big impact in the ratings. Kudos to the staff and crew behind every performance and segment!

Fasten your seatbelts as we witness who wins the approval of many to get that perfect ratings for the Sunday noontime.

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