Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Will Krizza Neri Make It Big?


Krizza Neri, the Protege of Aiza Seguerra, has now released her first music video for her single Bat Di Ko Ba Nasabi. She has released her album through Universal Records in Metro Manila as well. Performing weekly in Party Pilipinas, will Krizza Neri make it big with the kind of exposure that GMA 7 is giving her?

By Experience
The last winner of a singing competition in GMA 7 before Krizza Neri was Frencheska Farr. With the hopes that she would become the next big star, she still remains to be seen as the next big star. Although Farr has starred in the musical film Emir, her network didn't follow through as much as people expected. She was given some acting stints but it didn't catch the public's attention as the roles given to her weren't major at all. Right now, she plays the sister of Jean Garcia's character in One True Love. This time, she's at it. Her role is fit for her and she does it well being the sister who wants the best for her sister. But after the first few weeks, her role seemed to have lost its limelight. It must be said however that she did well with the short scenes she has had.

The point is, she remains to be the next big star after winning in the NEXT BIG STAR singing competition.

Farr, Neri Pattern?
The pattern for Farr is not far from happening for the case of Neri. But all of us certainly hope for the better for the latter. Krizza Neri left a good and big mark in the hearts of the televiewers of Protege's first season. She was remarkable to say the least. After months of waiting, she's now making a name for herself, releasing an album and a music video, and hopefully getting a big break in the music scene. She doesn't like to act as she said but she can't avoid the route that Farr has taken because she's under GMA Artist Center as well.

With all these happenings in Krizza Neri's life, the question remains... Will she make it big?

The GMA Move
It was a surprise when Protege announced the prize of Krizza Neri-- cash prize and a management contract with GMA Artist Center. It was a singing competition yet, there was no prize that involved an album contract supposedly from the network's recording studio, GMA Records.

With this, it seems as if more non-Kapuso fans will be attracted to her album since it's not tied with GMA Records. Instead, her album is released under her official mentor's record label, one by Aiza Seguerra.

She may not be that popular now but she deserves to be. Even more popular than others who just happen to be in good, experienced hands. At the end of the day, this priceless talent deserves a real big break.

Watch her latest video of Bat Di Ko Ba Nasabi starring herself, Angel Aquino and Sid Lucero.

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