Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Will LizQuen make it as big in 2016?

2015 is almost over and we all know that the tandem of Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano made a bigger mark through their blockbuster movie. Their guestings trended and their fandom is just getting bigger.

In the past days, ABS-CBN has officially announced that LizQuen will be back on TB in 2016 via a soap opera that will be co-starred with the Cherie Gil. Matteo Guidecelli will also be part of the series.

So the question now is: will their 2016 soap opera be as phenomenal as Forevermore or even more?


  1. Yes.. definitely .. teaser palang ng dolce amore .. wala na .. lakas ng chemistry at andyan yong feeling na looking forward ka sa susunod na mangyayari.. at nag level up pa cla more sa acting sa eily.. so LizQuen will be lizquen and they will make it big not only ds 2016 and for the coming years..

  2. LizQuen will remain as phenomenal loveteam because aside from being talented and good children, they loved their career so much. They wanted to grow more as an actors and they loved their fans and followers as much as they love their family. They don't treat their fans as followers as they are but as real friends who will cry for them in their sadness and exalt with them with their joy. Their best has yet to come, not just on 2016 but onwards.