Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What's the future for Megan Young after Marimar?

It was not her fault at all! The 'ok' but less than 'impressive' ratings Marimar remake has gotten is definitely not Ms. World 2013's fault. It was the wrong move yet again of GMA Network.

It was too soon to do a remake after Marian Rivera's. Also, they should have learned from ABS-CBN when Maria Mercedes also didn't do so well in the ratings game. That was Jessy Mendiola.

If there's anything good about her portrayal in Marimar, it's GMA being able to entrust to her a big project. However, Megan Young deserves more projects on primetime. She needs a good material, something that would be fair for her. Fair in terms of preventing the audience pre judge her because someone else has done the project.

Her one week guesting in Dangwa proved that she can get good ratings. But that was with Mikael Daez.

So here's a good idea: why don't the network just make the tandem of Megan Young & Mikael Daez HUGE? They're real life sweethearts so just push it.

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