Sunday, September 27, 2015

The FB Post that Invites AlDub Fans to War?

Fanpage called Kapamilya Network with thousands of likers posted a photo with a not-so-good-sounding caption.

With a photo taken from the Saturday episode of It's Showtime featuring ABS-CBN's famous love teams-- JaDine, KathNiel, LizQuen, the fanpage compared that scene to the AlDub tandem of Eat Bulaga.

Text version of the caption:
"Not your 20 million tweets can ever beat World Class Performances and World Class Tandems."

What is disturbing about this post?
It's not really the war this fanpage is trying to have against the fans of AlDub. What's so disturbing is the standard of these people when it comes to 'world class performances' so to speak.

First of all, this post is not to say that the AlDub tandem is world class. Secondly, this post is not to defend them.

This post is to pose a major question: what's a world class performance?

Obviously, to say that the production number of these tandems were world class seems so disturbing.

Watch the prod here

No offense meant but James Reid and Nadine Lustre can somehow qualify to be world-class performers because they can really sing and dance. Not to say that LizQuen and KathNiel are less of a people but just to appreciate the talent of only one tandem.

For charisma and fan base, we give it to KathNiel and LizQuen to appease the others.

But really this post is about to launch a war. But AlDub fans are better than this. They should know when to speak up and when to let it pass. This one-- let it pass!

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