Saturday, June 20, 2015

Will To The Top tap into Viewers' Hearts?

GMA Network may be applying wisdom when they decided to postpone Starstruck to September and have a sudden project that can better compete with PBB737. With 'Kuya's' decision to bring in heartthrob-looking faces and have them live inside the house, GMA had to come up with something that would also cater to the hormones of the market. And TO THE TOP it is... a boyband search.

A multi-platform boyband search, To The Top has started exposing the contenders via its online videos. Soon also, the show will land on the silver screen possibly taking the supposed timeslot for Starstruck.

The contenders will go through a training camp while they're being covered on cam by GMA News & Public Affairs crew. Now that's a good news because this department is historically better than the network's Entertainment department.

So like PBB, viewers will also have the chance to watch their lives unfold in the journey of becoming a boyband.

Will this be enough to at least grab the attention of viewers over the cameras of PBB?

Are the looks of the contenders way more interesting than the PBB housemates?

For one, some of their guys come from high-profile backgrounds. Some came from Kundirana, a prominent high school band from La Salle Greenhills.

Check out for yourselves and tell us.

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