Monday, June 22, 2015

For Pinoy Superhero TV Series, Try "Manhid"

2015 is a year of soap opera remakes. ABS-CBN started it by launching KathNiel to TV adolescence through the remake of Pangako Sa Yo. Just today, GMA Network has officially gathered the cast of the new remake of Marimar (Yes! A remake of a remake.) In 2016, this will not continue we predict. Instead, the rebirth of super dramatic storylines this year will only pave the way for the superheroes to make their way again to primetime television.

ABS-CBN is ready for that should 2016 be that year for the superpowered characters. They bought the rights of Mars Ravelo's major superhero characters Darna and Captain Barbell. Part of that purchase is Dyesebel which the network gave to Anne Curtis last year but didn't successfully go phenomenal simply because last year was not that year.

Again, we predict that 2016 will have a hunger for superheroes. With SuperGirl about to go phenomenal worldwide care of Hollywood, expect that the Philippines will ride the wave and we will be witnessing these flying characters yet again soon.

So our challenge to the major TV networks: try MANHID!

The Story
What price is our freedom? Ballet Philippines’ performance season ends with the cult dance rock musical MANHID, co-presented by Tanghalang Pilipino. Set in an alternate present day Philippines where theEDSA revolution failed, this musical features heroes and villains with superpowers, and a people sick withKamanhiran (Apathy). Celebrating a nation of heroes, MANHID promises to be a must- watch event for 2015.
Perhaps GMA Network should buy the rights for this one since it fits the standards of GMA News & Public Affairs' type of features. Plus the fact that they can't have Mars Ravelo's characters anymore in their shows.

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