Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh My G, going Oh My Golly?

Many fans have had enough of Oh My G which stars Janella Salvador. This daily series replaced the phenomenal Be Careful with My Heart but the replacement didn't seem to level up with the former. Add to that the negative sentiments of many fans as the show is approaching the end of the line.

We felt like this calls for a post because at first we were impressed that ABS-CBN came up with something substantial and beyond just goodie-goodie romantic love kind of TV series. We were impressed that it started to focus on Janella's character and G (which basically represents God). However, it seems like they were just off to a good start but not a good end at that.

Read up the comments of some fans and see how the story progressed or a better term may be 'regress' right?

Now some fans may say that these are just haters pretending to be fans. Admit it though that what they are saying are basically simple truth about the show.

Sad to say, Philippine TV is still not ready for a more substantial storyline. They still have to romanticize everything as in everything. Or should we say, that's always the route of Kapamilya think tank, isn't it?

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