Monday, June 15, 2015

How Gabby Eigenmann's Changing Sunday afternoon viewing

Gabby Eigenmann is at the peak of his career. After bagging acting awards these past years, his home network has entrusted a much bigger break to him lately which allows him to change landscapes and not just earn bucks.

His latest feat: playing lead role in a weekend series InstaDad. He plays young father to three teenage triplets. Add to that, women triplets.

So we thought this was another teenage show you can forego. After all, there hasn't been a teenage show worthy of much attention after TGIS and Tabing Ilog days. But after watching a few episodes, we realized that this was more than just a teenage series. This is, more than anything, a project to showcase the versatility og Gabby Eigenmann himself.

To prove that, watch this clip from last Sunday's episode when he discovered that one of the triplets who just turned 16 is pregnant.

So InstaDad is not just another Sunday afternoon series. It's something that deserves attention especially among this generation's teenagers.

The good thing about highlighting in the father role of Gabby is it allows the show to showcase depth in both the story and the acting execution from the actor.

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