Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Lessons We Learn from Halili-Belo-Kho Reconciliation

Katrina Halili apologized to Vicky Belo. Belo forgave her. Hayden Kho apologized to Katrina Halili. Halili forgave her. All is now well between the three after a meeting of reconciliation that tool place ten days ago at a private restaurant in Quezon City.

While some people are busy trying to still judge them, we are looking at this news update from the outsider's perspective and would rather list down lessons we've learned from this love-war-reconciliation story of Halili-Kho-Belo.

*No matter big the mistake, it can be forgiven.

*Time does not necessarily heal the pain. It's forgiveness--asking for it and or releasing it, that does.

*What time does is not to heal the pain but to process the host of the pain until he or she is ready to heal.

*Reconciliation is possible when all involved parties decide to do so.

*Christians prove to be true followers of Jesus Christ when they can ask for forgiveness or release forgiveness.

To the three, thank you for showing our nation that forgiveness is possible. And that it doesn't have to be showbiz.

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