Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday All Stars Slowly Recovers

It may be safe to assume that the episode when Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez Alcasid sang Oceans of Hillsong was the start of something new for the dying Sunday noontime show of GMA Network Sunday All Stars. When that episode aired, a lot of Kapuso viewers thought it was about time the people behind the variety show move up a notch and provide a real show. Few weeks after, the viewers finally get one— SuperSASummer episode was a signal that there is still hope for Sunday All Stars.

Thanks to the 65th year anniversary of the network, the bosses have decided to bring back their more of their real stars to the show.

What were obvious improvements last Sunday?

*Dance numbers were well rehearsed and choreographies were more defined and stylized. Take the prod of Lovi Poe. Although it was lipsync which she did quite well also, the prod was not boring because she had good dance choreography.

*That song production which featured most if not all of their singers doing a Pitch Perfect kind of prod was excellent. It raised the bar. Not much noise from unnecessary instruments. Just pure great voices and a little accompaniment. It was great! The combo of young singers and veteran performers was astounding.

*SAS Prime segment should be of prime value. As they have made the stage a prestigious spot to be on, they should keep its value by making sure only the best performances and well-thought prods are featured. The first hoorrah with Mark Herras, Lovi Poe and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid was a real hoorrah!

*Paborito was placed in the latter part which should be the case weekly because it's borderline cute and baduy.

*Hosts said the acronym as S.A.S. and not SAS which was classy. When we heard that we knew the production staff was up  to something good. Repackaging. Branding. Good one!

Just one concern though. Do they really have to have artists strip off clothes in almost all of the production numbers?

To Sunday All Stars, it seems like you have figured out the fault in  your stars and started addressing them since last month. You keep it up and who knows you might as well give a good fight against an institution--ASAP. Still, we stick to out proposal that Sunday All Stars be made into primetime.

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