Friday, February 6, 2015

Why GMA Network should forget about Sunday Noontime Show

TV fans both Kapuso and Kapamilya are talking about Kyla and the artists who have transferred ahead of her. While the reputation of ASAP as Sunday noontime show is getting cemented as a strong force, GMA Network on the other hand is dying in this timeslot. So rather than pushing the network to beat it, our strong suggestion is to let go of it.

Our Proposal:
Remove Sunday All Stars because it's almost useless to have it at a 2pm timeslot.

Just keep showing movies at 12nn.

And here's the major change...

Produce a weekly variety show to feature major talents of GMA Network and air it Saturday nights-- the former timeslot of Marian.

Here's why Kapuso network should forget about beating ASAP:
*ASAP is already an institution. They have been there for 20 years. It's like Eat Bulaga-- unbeatable. So rather than competing with them, just showcase the talents on a different day and time that would still have a wide reach in viewership.

*Sobrang lugmok na pare. Not anymore Sobrang Ok Pare. So rather than trying to revive a hopeless case, just kill it already and start anew. Build a new habit in the viewership to watch a showcase of the network's talents in the evening slot.

*ASAP has more and more TALENTS now than ever. Needless to explain.

To GMA Network, a Saturday night live show would be better than a highly criticized competing show on a Sunday afternoon or noontime. So just forget about it if you haven't still come up with the most brilliant idea and strategy as to pulling it off.

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