Thursday, March 12, 2015

2 Areas Parikoy should Capitalize On

Three episodes done and it seems like Parikoy, the recent addition to GMA Telebabad's lineup, has the making of what can possibly be a soap opera that can run for a year or more.

Yes, you've read it right. Parikoy can qualify to be that TV series that can last long because it can survive without having too many secrets being divulged to keep a series going. This one needs to just showcase the life of a cool priest and just add a twist when the network wants to axe it already.

After watching the first three episodes, here are the following aspects that we think this TV series has to capitalize on.

1. Father Kokoy's speeches/sermons
It seems like this show has given enough time for a scene that would feature Father Kokoy's sermons. It was good that they gave airtime for the priest to deliver his wedding sermon and even featured a part of his baptismal sermon.

If the makers of this show are serious about longevity, they better have a good team of writers who would craft his sermons. This team has to research sermons that have been delivered by well-loved preachers. Try Bo Sanchez.

2. Moments every episode
Remember the second episode when he had to bid goodbye as he got reassigned to another parish? Not that he has to transfer every episode. But every episode should have at least that 'moment' which will move the audience. When that departing scene came out on the second night, tweets about how people got moved with that flooded the timeline.

Parikoy stands true to its label as a faithserye if you judge it according to its first three episodes. Hopefully writers will be able to pull this off for a long run. Our hope for this TV show is that it will last for two years or more.

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