Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Real Challenge of TV Masterpieces like Ilustrado

True, the network through GMA News & Public Affairs has indeed proven that primetime viewing can have a high standard and international quality, but they have yet to work hard on one thing-- making the excellent and brilliant work phenomenal.

All these to say that Ilustrado is a masterpiece but only a few of the millions of Filipino televiewers are appreciating this craft.

That's the real challenge of GMA Network now, making brilliant have the mass appeal. Making a great masterpiece be available for everyone to appreciate. That and the fact that they have to address the reality of a great wall that sets the network war.

So while they are working hard on elevating the quality of soap operas they are showing, they should also work on how to get viewers both Kapamilya and Kapuso look beyond network war and start having a lens of excellence. That they will start watching shows not just because of network loyalty but because they know good shows need viewership so that they will last long enough to provoke similar shows to be birthed.

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