Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kathryn Bernardo is NOT kissing Daniel Padilla

Kathryn Bernardo has finally spoken up. She did not kiss Daniel Padilla in a recent out-of-the-country trip.

Bernardo has responded today after a report of a 'kissing scandal' at TV Patrol last night. She said that Padilla is only used to cuddling her cheeks because the latter finds it chubby cute.

That report may be detrimental to her membership in Iglesia Ni Cristo since it's a delicate issue to her religion.

Fans will have mixed reactions for sure though. Some will find it 'kilig' coz it's their wish to see KathNiel kiss. But some will find it premature.

Whatever the outcome, truth be told from Bernardo's lips-- they did not kiss.

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