Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why fans of Vhong Navarro are crying foul

Vhong Navarro three days ago from his Instagram account

To begin with, we are hoping for Vhong Navarro's full recovery. And that this article mainly points out the very reason why some fans are crying foul for the recent report GMA News delivered.

In an exclusive report from GMA News, news has it that Vhong Navarro's real name Ferdinand Navarro had a blotter hit at a police station in Bonifacio Global City for an attempted rape. A 22-year old lady filed the complaint before the incident happened.

Because of this report, some fans cried foul and said that GMA News is just making up stories. So from praying for Navarro's recovery, the discussion has now elevated to whether GMA News is reliable or not.

For one, these people should know that reports are not made to malign anyone's reputation. It's delivered to create a balance in reporting. Hence, even when we're hoping for his recovery, it also has to be told that there are facts that may surround this incident like the blotter of an attempted rape.

We hope Navarro well and prayers go with him that the operation be successful. However, to the people who complained about the report, let this be an eye-opener that news has to be clear cut, crystal clear, direct in stating facts. Besides, nobody said Navarro really attempted to rape someone. The report only said there was a blotter filed against him.


  1. Very well said. I think those who are tweeting with the hashtag "GMAPhilippinesWorstNetwork" should took some time to stop, read, and analyze things. GMA did not report it without a basis. They are just trying to have a "balanced report".

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