Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Victories of Kapamilya's Juan De La Cruz

Running for months now, ABS-CBN Primetime Bida's Juan De La Cruz has won several victories already.

Aside from the victories that the character of Coco Martin has won, there are other victories that this show deserves some telling. These are the following:

This is the most obvious fight won by Juan De La Cruz. The soap won it by several punches ahead of Indio. What GMA Network prepared and invested for big time, ABS-CBN easily toppled. No extravagant costumes and setting, just a more engaging story, consistent HD shots, and Coco Martin.

Where Indio basically lost was not in the story but in the 'Coco Martin' factor. Had GMA Network entrusted their 2013 banner soap opera to a younger talent like Alden Richards, they would have made a better fight. But maybe their story demanded an older actor in the person of Bong Revilla.

Juan De La Cruz became too big a hit that it even paved the way to the show's prequel, My Little Juan. The prequel has also gotten its success from the main soap that it has now slowly redeemed the afternoon slot ratings of ABS-CBN.

It must be remembered that before this fantasy soap was the success of 'for adults only' soap operas like Walang Hanggan and Temptation of Wife. Thanks to this Coco Martin starrer the kids now have something decent to watch on primetime.

With the recent development of its story, Juan De La Cruz seems to have overtaken the revolution that Encantadia did in terms of production value. The ABS-CBN soap has introduced the fairy world to its viewers. It's remarkable because in terms of aesthetics, ABS-CBN has finally improved and they now offer quality production and not garbage like what they did with Dyosa before.

Remember, Dyosa's fantasy world was like a rushed artwork. This time, the fantasy world of fairies in this soap is believable and better than Encantadia. If GMA Network still plans to bring back Encantadia, they better make sure that the production value is ten times better than Juan De La Cruz. Perhaps, an HD soap opera all throughout like this one.

Some negative noteables...
*Ahron 's acting is shouting out for a supporting actor's award. Well, he's too far from getting one with his portrayal in this fantasy soap opera. Miscast?

*Zsa-zsa Padilla is a veteran. But we just couldn't feel her villain role at all. Miscast?

*Erich Gonzales doesn't seem to be a leading lady in this show at all. She seems to be the extra one.

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  1. Ganda talaga ng Juan dela Cruz! Kaso di ko naabutan kasi paalis na ako papuntang work. Buti na lang may iWantv ang ABS!