Friday, June 21, 2013

Sofia Andres & Tom Olaf Doromal in a Mini-film

If you missed Tom Olaf Doromal and Sofia Andres appear on screen, here's a Youtube mini-film that features both of these ABS-CBN teen celebrities.

A story about long distance relationships and waiting, here's one that shows how two persons miss each other despite the revolution of digital communication like WeChat and Facebook.

Tom Doromal first appeared in PBB Teens and got his name became a bit popular to some thousands of followers on Twitter. Sofia Andres, on the other hand, became part of Princess and I which became her vehicle to gain thousands of followers too.

This time, they're together in this mini-film entitled "Telefon" written by Paul Antonio Villamor, a college student. Directed by Lady Jean Flores and edited by Jervis Flores with Graphics by Jim Balatero, here's the mini-film.

Watch Telefon ToMia:

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