Thursday, May 9, 2013

Solenn Heussaff Dies in Indio as Lalahon

Lalahon dies in Indio!

The diwata of volcanoes character of Solenn Heussaff in Indio died in last night's episode allowing her to pass on the diwata power of volcano to Simeon, Bong Revilla Jr.'s character.

Now that she's done with her role in Indio, what's next for Solenn Heussaff telebabad-wise? She can play a really good bad role against Lovi Poe in a teleserye. Despite her weakness in Filipino language and acting, her countless endorsements prove her bankability. Something that GMA Network must consider to allow her to land a big role on primetime. A bigger role than a diwata who only shows up in little scenes.

Watch the dying scene below.

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