Saturday, May 11, 2013

Snippets From #MyJapsItsMyTimeConcert

Ongoing now is the #MyJapsItsMyTimeConcert at the Music Museum. With more than a thousand seats all filled in, we ask: Is it really Julie Anne San Jose's time now?

While we celebrate the active concert scene from Regine Velasquez's double treat then to Daniel Padilla's phenomenal gathering, this time it's Julie Anne San Jose's turn. But with just a thousand plus seats filled in, is it really enough to say that she's conquered the concert scene as well?

The only reason why we're posing this question is this: SHE DESERVES A BIGGER AND BETTER ARENA both physically and figuratively. Her recording company and talent management should reassess their efforts to give her what she deserves especially after this successful mini-concert.

If for anything, let's just say this concert is just a preview to the BIGGER concerts she deserves to have.

Here's a collage of photos from the concert taken from her fans' tweets. Couldn't give credit to everyone but thanks a lot MyJaps fans for these photos.

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