Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zanjoe Marudo's Gay Peg In Launching Movie

Star Cinema and Skylight Films have collaborated for a comedy film that will feature Zanjoe Marudo as the lead actor for the first time. And for the first time also, he's playing a dual role, an 'astig' and 'mahinhin'.

Yes, you read it right! Zanjoe Marudo is playing his first ever gay role as the twin brother of a straight guy. The film is entitled Bromance, short for my brother's romance. Directed by Wenn Deramas, this one is sure to make waves again in the box office. Trailer alone already looks fun…ny!

So who could be Zanjoe's peg for his gay role? Could it be Vice Ganda? We're not yet sure until we hear it directly from the lead actor himself.

One thing's for sure though, Vice Ganda is singing the theme song of the movie. The song is entitled Kara-karaka which is also being used in the movie's trailer. Here are snippets from the shooting taken from the film's official Facebook page.

A sure hit, will this exceed the highest-grossing film of Star Cinema so far? Let's watch out this May 2013!

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