Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why "The Mistress" Is Sure Blockbuster Hit

One does not even have to think twice if The Mistress would be a blockbuster hit. It's just so sure to be a big hit!

But really... why? Here are some of The Outsider's assumptions.
  1. It's been years since the John Lloyd-Bea Alonzo team up! The thrill of seeing them again on silver screen itches the fans. We means, the HUGE number of fans!
  2. It's STAR CINEMA. We have this theory called The Star Cinema Spell. We think that Star Cinema has been able to establish its name in producing good films that even when some of their films aren't good, people still watch it and like it. But this one is not one of the spells. We're sure this is good! With the presence of Hilda Koronel, this is certainly a film of high quality.
  3. It's the MISTRESS theme again. Last year, movies with this theme became a hit. Regal's My Neighbor, My Wife became one of the remarkable films of last year. After that came Star Cinema's No Other Woman which brought in unexpected waves of income for the film outfit.

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 What's good about this film is that it promises to tackle a controversial 'mistress' theme but keeps the wholesome part in tact. News has it that John Lloyd's character was first assigned to Derek Ramsey but due to his transfer to TV 5, the role was given to JLC. Had it been given to the latter, this movie would lose its wholesome factor. Derek Ramsey's presence in the film would make it steamy as opposed to John Lloyd Cruz who, no matter how he's packaged as hot or sexy, would still remain to be wholesome in total package. And yes, despite the Shaina-brought-to-hospital-after-sex-accident intrigue came out.

To Star Cinema, this one is another win.

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